Serious accident in Féron: the time has come to see the damage

The owners of the house whose low wall was damaged by a white Golf, Sunday afternoon, in Féron, returned from vacation and discovered the material damage. While the occupants of the car, Sunday, had been hospitalized.

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This Monday morning, Jimmy Turquin, transporter, and his wife returned from vacation and discovered, at 22 rue de Glageon in Féron, the damage caused by the car which, on Sunday, around 5:30 p.m., crashed into the low wall of their property. Already, the carrier had been warned the day before. This allowed him to do the necessary with his insurance.

As for the two people who revealed themselves in the Golf Blanche which had an accident, they had been hospitalized the day before in serious condition. ” The car had to hit the low wall which fortunately stopped it “.

A dozen firefighters, from Avesnes-sur-Helpe and Fourmies, had intervened on the spot on Sunday with in particular a specialized vehicle to cut out the Golf Blanche. The emergency services had even wondered about the advisability of moving a helicopter to transport the wounded to a hospital unit, an option that they had not retained in the end.

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