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Hypocrisy in football, well.

“I tell you, this war has shown a lot of problems in the world of football. » Sergei Palkin, general manager of Ukrainian club Shakhtar Donetsk, spoke to Athleticism on the difficulties faced by Ukrainian clubs since the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine. He revealed that he felt very little supported by the football world. According to him, some even use this conflict: “The agents come to the clubs and say: “Don’t pay Shakhtar, the players will become free, pay me 10 million euros and forget about the club.” Some agents expected FIFA to issue a statement for all foreign players in Ukraine to be free. » He blasted FIFA’s support for agents instead of his club. On Tuesday, the federation said that “foreign players and coaches will have the right to suspend their employment contract with their club until June 30, 2023” .

Sergei Palkin is also annoyed with clubs who put a message of peace on their giant screen, but did nothing concrete to help Ukraine. He notably denounced a club without revealing its identity. “There is a known European club, we have a contract with them which includes a clause which means that they have to play us in a friendly match or they have to pay us €300,000. We didn’t play this match, although we tried several times for the organizer. When the war started, we told them: “Listen, we didn’t play the friendly game, we don’t need the money as a club, so please donate this Ukrainian money to the refugees.” They didn’t pay it. This money club, a lot of money. »

The Ukrainian confessed that some still played the game “Like Olympiakos, which allowed us to buy 1,500 medical boxes for the army. Benfica sent a huge amount of humanitarian aid. »

Does Lyon help Shakthar by paying for the transfer of Tetê?


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