Soccer. AS Nancy Lorraine’s first Kipsta jersey is unveiled!

In its reconquest and reconstruction operation, the ASNL decided everything to be as close as possible to its identity, its values ​​and its history. There is already the unusual subscription campaign articulated around the number 54, the department number of Meurthe-et-Moselle, and now there is, in addition, the new jersey of the pro team which includes all the the most significant historical codes. With the two red stripes on the sleeves and the two red stripes on the left side of the jersey interspersed with the thistle. Very much in the spirit of the mythical “Fruité” jersey of 1978-79, at the time of Michel Platini. For the modern side, there are embossed thistles on the whole jersey, we could even see Place Stanislas in the middle of all the formed by the assembly of thistles…

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The groups of supporters present on the tunic

In short, it’s a very nice coup by Kipsta, the new equipment supplier of ASNL, for its very first jersey offered. The Decathlon football brand had promised a shirt in line with the history of the club, the word was kept by collaborating perfectly with the club for the moment. We must also underline a unique nod to the groups of supporters (Saturday FC, Red Sharks, ASNL [email protected] Connexion) whose logo is present on the jersey with the words “Nancy, it’s you”, in reference to the slogan “Nancy, it’s us” often heard last season at the Marcel-Picot stadium during the descent into hell until the National.

The new jersey has just been unveiled by the ASNL via the clip shot last week with the 400 volunteer supporters happy to be associated with this still original idea. To discover the pro team on the ground with this new tunic, you will have to be in Picot, this Friday, on the occasion of the preparation match against the Belgians of Molenbeek.

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