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Didier Deschamps has several tactical options in his bag to advance in the competition. The coach does not make it a secret, only he hides his precise intentions and the timing which pushes him to employ one more than the other. His composition on Tuesday against the weak Australian team is quite easy to analyze: by fielding two wingers (Mbappé, Dembélé), a playmaker (Griezmann) and a striker (Giroud), Deschamps clearly opted for the offensive version of his possibilities . The pick worked with a 4-1 win, 23 shots on goal, including seven on target and 63% possession. Can this pattern continue in this World Cup against more solid selections? For example against Denmark on Saturday?

Strengthen the environment and get Dembélé out?

This 4-2-3-1 can be sharp when France has the ball. But he also exposes the central midfielder and the laterals, not really helped by eccentrics who defend little. The Theo Hernandez – Kylian Mbappé association on the left can wreak havoc offensively but also be lax defensively. Therein lies the crux of the problem. The Danes beat the Blues in June (2-1) and September (2-0) in the League of Nations. Meetings played in a 3-5-2 since abandoned on the French side. If they got off to a bad start in their World Cup with a draw conceded against Tunisia, Christian Eriksen’s teammates are still very good ball handlers capable of piercing the opposing lines. Therein lies the danger. Does Didier Deschamps maintain Tuesday’s system at the risk of leaving many spaces? Will he strengthen his midfield by sacrificing Ousmane Dembélé? The answer of “DD” will be a signal on his real intentions, in this World Cup.

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