Soccer. Jaly Mouaddib, the time bomb

Jaly Mouaddib (center) was loaned to Avranches last season. He had a rather complicated season there. ©Aline Châtel

Considered by many to be one of the best French players of his generation a few years ago, the Franco-Moroccan-Algerian has yet to launch his professional career. Jaly Mouaddib, trained at Stade Malherbe in Caen before joining the LOSC in U18, is what we can call a raw talent. The player, as intelligent on the pitch as off, gives us an update on his lackluster start to his career.

Jaly, how have you been since last year?

It’s going well ! I had pubalgia recently, but I’m treating myself properly so it’s rolling!

You are coming out of a season on loan at Avranches with ups and downs, how is your start to the season going at Angers?

I’ve had a string of injuries since the start of the season, so it’s complicated. I had a sprained ankle, behind this pubalgia. I spend more time in the infirmary than in the field. I recently resumed, I hope to be able to start my season quickly.

“When you have your chance, you have to know how to seize it”

When you arrived, you carried out a preparation full of promises with the professionals. How do you explain that two years later, you still haven’t played a single minute with the first team in an official match?

Honestly, I do not know. I think it’s good, we have our chance or we don’t. But when you have it, you have to know how to grasp it. The first year there was the Covid, already, then I had a lot of competition in the middle with guys like Fulgini. You have to know how to accept it.

Do you think your old-school midfield profile is linked to your non-use?

It means everything and nothing in the end. But it’s true that I have athletic shortcomings that make me quickly confined to a role of number 10 who only plays when he has the ball. However, when I see the players assigned, I identify as Ozil, James Rodriguez or Guti, these are player styles that hardly exist today.

Do you need to reinvent yourself?

I’m only 22, I still have time to progress and refine my game. I can’t complain about that, it’s up to me to adapt. It’s also a question of use and style of play. It changes a lot depending on what the coach asks you. Some coaches will allow more freedom while others a little less.

“Before being footballers, we are humans”

You must feel frustrated when you see certain players with whom you played, or over whom you were ahead 2-3 years ago, performing in Ligue 1 or Ligue 2…

Honestly not at all, I’m happy for them. A guy like Alexis Flips, he’s a former teammate but above all he’s a friend. When I see his success, I am very happy for him and proud of him. Godson (Kyeremeh), it’s the same, he’s my friend and I can only be satisfied with his success because he deserves it! Before being footballers, we are humans.

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But why them and not you?

Inevitably, I tell myself that I may not have always made the right choices. I may have done some things wrong because this success, I could have had it too. But we tend to quickly forget that 22 is still young! So of course, there are some who are already playing in Ligue 1 or Ligue 2, but there are many who are percent after. It’s far from over for me.

During your last year in Lille you had 2 other options available, why did you refuse them and opt for Angers?

I had the opportunity to sign my first professional contract in Lille but honestly, I knew that at that time it was too complicated for young people to play professionally. The team was too strong and played at the top of the table, it was complicated to integrate the young people. Then, there was also talk of big European teams but I wanted to stay only in France. So when Angers contacted me, I was seduced and I signed directly.

“I remain patient”

What is missing now for Jaly Mouaddib to make his Ligue 1 debut?

Already, I have to heal myself completely and my physical glitches leave me a little quiet. Then, when I get my chance, I’ll have to take it. I remain patient.

Finally, can you tell us about your brother Jad?

He is doing very well, he is busy with a lot of things and today he is thriving off the pitch. I am very proud of him!

(By our correspondent Oscar BELLEC)

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