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He was already experienced last season, here he is adopted since this summer in Ligue 1: the concussion protocol was followed twice, Sunday, at Stade Brestois – Ajaccio (0-1). A first time when the Corsican goalkeeper, Benjamin Leroy, hit his defender violently with the head (4′) and a second time following a shock from which the Brest right-back Noah Fadiga struggled to recover ( 30′). Indeed, the concussion protocol, which occurs when a shock to the head is suffered by one of the actors in the game, is composed of three stages.

The Incident

Preferably, that of the player and the affected team: “Any cerebral concussion that occurs during a match or during training requires treatment by the team doctor or, failing that, by the field resuscitator during the three minutes performed by the regulations on the field”, taking into account article 588 of the regulations of the Professional Football League. To do this, “the main referee must interrupt the match to allow the evaluation of the injured player (…). Any player suffering from a head injury which requires a concussion immunity assessment will only be permitted to return to play following such assessment if the team doctor (…) expressly confirms to the referee that he is able to do, “says the LFP.

The photo outing of Ajaccio goalkeeper, Benjamin Leroy, in Brest. (Photo Jean-Michel Louarn)

The game

Then comes game time. This benefits the coach and the affected team. Because thanks to this concussion protocol, the technician can proceed to an emergency substitution, not revised within the five authorized changes, if the player is not able to resume part in the match, or evaluated in this situation by the doctor. . This replacement is thus notified on the change card once the main referee or the fourth referee has been informed orally.

After his air shock, Noah Fadiga remained on the ground for a few minutes.
After his air shock, Noah Fadiga remained on the ground for a few minutes. (Photo Jean-Michel Louarn)

the after

Finally, in the event of leaving the field as part of the concussion protocol and if it is proven, “it is mandatory that an expert examination be carried out within 72 hours following the concussion by a doctor who is expert in taking responsible for concussions. (…) The return to competition must be done gradually according to the six-step protocol of the FFF. A new and final consultation by the medical expert in the management of concussions must be carried out before the resumption of competition unless the medical expert does not deem it necessary at the end of the first consultation”, institutes the article. 588 of the general regulations of the LFP*.

Following this protocol, it was notably decided that Noah Fadiga would not join his national team, Cameroon, during this truce, but that he would rather observe a period of rest and “a few days without football”, as l said Stade Brestois, on social networks.

The six-step protocol advocated by the FFF.
The six-step protocol advocated by the FFF. (FFF screenshot)

Why this protocol?

The objective of this concussion protocol, designed by the Ifab (International Football Association Board), is to “properly assess” the player’s state of health, explained had, at the end of 2020, David Elleray, technical director of the Ifab , whereas a shock to the brain may produce its effects with a delay. By definitively leaving the player hit in the head, whether the concussion is “potential or proven”, the Ifab also intends to avoid any “pressure” so that he “resumes the match”, according to Mr. Elleray.

Because the danger of the “second impact”, with potentially dramatic consequences, has now been identified and was notably implicated in the deaths of four young French rugby players between May 2018 and January 2019. Summoned by Fifa in January 2020, the group of concussion experts drew on 20 years of work on this topic across all sports, from highlighting symptoms – dizziness, headaches, confusion, nausea – to diagnostic tools.

“Concussion in sport is a major problem, tries to raise awareness of the French Football Federation. Both professional and amateur. This trauma must be known and its management is important even if it is not always well known to the general public”.

LFP regulations

“In the event of non-compliance with these provisions, the club may be fined up to €20,000”, ends article 588.

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