Soccer. Stability and quality recruitment: the MOS will take its chance with many assets

Sixth season at La Maladrerie for Frank Dechaume, the former educator of SM Caen. ©Aline Châtel

It is not the club that is talked about the most and it is surely not to displease him. No one doubts that the Awkwardness will play a central role in the looming Regional 1 championship, but “the end of the season that ASPTT Caen will have as well as its good recruitment will naturally make it the favorite”, believes Frank Dechaume. The MOS, fourth of the last financial year, is however not to be outdone. They only lost two players, who didn’t have a major role last season, and got stronger in a very promising way.

Maxence Jaunet and Willy Suret, both back in the region after a short trip (in Brittany for the first, in Reunion for the second), are the most awaited recruits from sickness. “They know the R1 or even N3 level. They are players with experience and they are good guys, ”observes Frank Dechaume. The two men are reinforcements of choice in the middle, for Jaunet, and on the wing, for Suret. In a team that produces play, they will certainly be comfortable.

Baptiste Gourio, a “big potential”

Baptiste Gourio arrives with another status. Aged 19, this striker comes out of a season with 11 goals with Argentan (R1). Everything except anode. “I have been following him for many months, telling myself that he is a player who must bring us different solutions offensively. He can reveal himself. It’s a big potential. To these three recruits are added goalkeeper Clément Nogues (Verson) and Gambardella Cup finalist Sacha Fihmi, not kept by Stade Malherbe.

“The first idea was to keep the entire group overall and to find what we were missing a little, explains Frank Dechaume. We already had a very good base. It was not a question of recruiting for the sake of recruiting. Only Louis Pillitieri (Vire) and Emmanuel Suriam (Mondeville) left.

Stability on point

La Maladrerie continues to move forward in stability with a workforce combining quality and quantity. The objective is more obvious than ever for the Reds and Greys.

Of course, we want to play the accession, but with great humility. Five or six teams are armed to consider the climb. With many descents, you should not miss the start of the season.

Frank Dechaume

If the season promises to be also in R1, it is in particular because the stakes will be at all levels. “It happened to us to start badly. Behind, you row. Everyone wants to start well so as not to be afraid. I imagine there will be around five descents. You can find yourself in a bad spiral very quickly. It will be tense. »

First home game on October 15

The MOS is all the more cautious as it will have to wait until October 15 to contest its first home match. Exempted from the first day, she will then move twice. “You should not take yourself for others. On an interest to bring back points on the first two meetings. The championship will be fierce every weekend because everyone will be playing something. The MOS seems ripe to move on. But the adversity will be great…

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