Soccer. The takeover of OL by John Textor effective September 30

On Friday September 30, after the closing of the Stock Exchange, OL Groupe should announce in a press release the price of the majority stake of John Textor, via the company Eagle Football Holdings LLC. It was on that day that the acquisition “of all the shares and 50% of the Osranes held by Holnest (Editor’s note: the holding company of the Aulas family) and of all the shares and Osranes held by Pathé must take place. and IDG capital”, as announced by OL Groupe on July 8th.

“The deal is signed”

“The signed agreement is a firm agreement without conditions precedent from the beginning”, recalled Jean-Michel Aulas in an interview with the Team published this Wednesday, while press articles suggested that John Textor had not gathered the necessary funding. “The deal is…

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