Soccer. This new AS Nancy Lorraine was a pleasure to see against Molenbeek

ASNL – RWD Molenbeek (D2 BEL)


This is perhaps the image of this summer preparation. We are talking about the mad race of the new Nancy captain Alexandre Cropanese, towards the kop in the Piantoni stand, to celebrate his magnificent but with the supporters by showing communicative rage and fervor. Perfect for presentations!

This sacred but from Corsica, with a long shot in the top corner (1-0, 8th), put the new ASNL on excellent track for this first match of the season at Picot. This training thistle rebuilt from top to bottom in the offseason, with the only survivor Neil El Aynaoui last year in the “eleven”, achieved a first period full of life and quality. Cropanese could even have doubled the bet in the wake of…

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