Soccer. What to remember from the victory of US Concarneau against Vannes OC

1 A still light workforce

One week before the start of the competition, 16 players have registered on the match sheet. A bit worrying when you know that this is partly what cost Concarneau its rise to Ligue 2 last season. Even though Jannez and Gope-Fenepej were injured, the group still lacks a few elements to ensure a smooth season.

2 An experimental defense

In the absence of Guillaume Jannez, injured in the last match against Avranches, Stéphane Le Mignan was forced to integrate Mamadou Sylla, who arrived from Sète a week ago, who was therefore starting his first match with the Thoniers. Very serene performance on his part, which can portend good things. To see now if he can reproduce this kind of performance against Orleans next week.

  • 3 Interesting tactical ideas

  • Positioned in 4-4-2 in the defensive phase, the Thoniers are now used to changing formation when recovering the ball. Right defender Adrien Julloux moving up his lane to act as a plunger, allowing the three remaining defenders to take care of the recovery. It is a movement that we had already seen against Avranches, during the last friendly. This makes it possible to use the qualities of Maxime Supportn at the raise, he who is now placed laterally on the left. This numerical superiority is paid on the other hand in the midfield, where Sinquin and Traoré seem a little alone. To solve this problem, the Thoniers would need their defenders to take more initiatives and project themselves in the middle with the ball to bring the surplus.

    4 A job for two

    Who, Ambroise Gboho, just arrived from Laval, or Tom Lebeau, on loan from Niort, will support Antoine Rabillard at the forefront of the US Concarneau attack? If the former Niortais started, he gave way to the newcomer on the hour mark. It is the latter who is behind the movement of the second goal. Well placed in the midfield, he launches Faissal Mannaï who slaloms in the area before concluding.


    Referee: Mr. Guéguen

    Spectators: around 800.

    BUT. Concarneau : Boutrah (66′), Mannai (73′)

    Warnings: Concarneau: Lebeau (49′); Ebrard valves 66′)

    US CONCARNEAU : Pattier – Etuin, Paro, Sylla (Jouan), Julloux – Sinquin, Traoré – Mannaï (Le Her), Lebeau (Gboho), Nomel (Boutrah) – Rabillard. Coach: Stephane Le Mignan.

    CO of VALVES : Petitgenet – Wandi, Duclovel, Miroux (Nakassila), Bouédec – Esmel, Kibembe (Le Bolloch), Blanchard – Henry (Angoué), Ebrard, Ngoubou (Faure). Coach: Pierre Talmont

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