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They were 18 last season, there will be 20 Bretons to tackle this 2022-2023 exercise in Ligue 1. Still, in the vast majority, from the workforce of clubs in the region. Starting with FC Lorient, even if a page turns there with “historical” such Fabien Lemoine, Jérémy Morel or Pierre-Yves Hamel who leaves the ship. There are still eight locals in the Lorient ranks: the Quimpérois Vincent Le Goff as well as the natives of Lorient Enzo Le Fée and Redwan Bourlès, the Vannetais Samuel Loric, the Rennais Théo Le Bris but also Loris Mouyokolo, who arrived at FC Lorient at 7 years, Julien Ponceau, from South Finistère, and Pablo Pagis, who made his debut at Pont-Péan (35) and spent six seasons at Stade Rennais…

We are not outdone on the side of Stade Brestois either, despite the departure of Conquétois Gautier Larsonneur to Valenciennes, with four elements. Brendan Chardonnet, captain and native of Saint-Renan, Hianga’a Mbock and Rafiki Saïd, both from the Pontanézen district in Brest, as well as the Ploufraganais Jérémy Le Douaron will wear the Brest jersey this season.

Add to these two pure Rennes products: the titular central defender Warmed Omari, who grew up in Villejean and Saint-Méen-le-Grand (35), as well as Lesley Ugochukwu, defensive midfielder native of Rennes, 22 matches in all competitions the last season.

As much in Rennes as in Strasbourg

But Brittany, even in small quantities, also knows how to export itself. With success, as for the native of Saint-Brieuc Gerzino Nyamsi, trained in Rennes, who will begin his second season in Strasbourg where he has established himself like a rock in the three-man defense of Julien Stéphan. Malouin Maxime Le Marchand is also part of the Alsatian squad.

Several Bretons will especially know the joy of finding the “League of Talents” after a few seasons at the lower level. Like Alexandre Coeff, born in Brest, passed by the youth teams of Stade Brestois but trained at RC Lens. A return to the top flight with AJ Auxerre and another Finisterian: Mathias Autret. The 31-year-old Saint-Thégonnecois, trained in Brest (2007-2010) and passed by FC Lorient (2013-2015) and again by Stade Brestois (2017-2020), was one of the architects of the rise in AJA League 1.

Same fate for Gaëtan Courtet. The native of Lorient, where he was trained before a stint at Stade Brestois (2015) then a return to Lorient (2019-2020), will begin, at 33, his third season with promoted Ajaccio. Return to the elite also for Maxime Dupé. The native of Malestroit (56) should keep his starting place in the goal of Toulouse.

Gaëtan Courtet returns to Ligue 1 with Ajaccio. (Nicolas Créach photo archive)

Finally, if we really want to be exhaustive, we can also note the presence in L1 of Léo Leroy, son of Jérôme, who spent his childhood in Rennes and Stade Rennais between the ages of 8 and 18 (2008-2018), as well as Sacha Delaye, son of Philippe, born in Rennes when his father was a player there, both Montpellier midfielders.

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