Souillac. A great challenge to take up for the Souillagais rugby

Meeting on August 3 with the president of US Souillac rugby, Laurent Sclafer.

After a great 2021-22 season, US Souillac is back in the honor division, how are you approaching this one?

With great joy and desire. The new challenge that is proposed to us is exciting, with beautiful derbies in Pool D which includes Bretenoux, Saint-Céré, Luzech, Saint-Jory, Bressols, Lauzerte, Montech, RC Montauban and Gourdon. The first match, on September 18, we will receive Bretenoux, a big team which is vice-champion of the Lot and which had qualified last year in Honor.

There will also be a Souillac-Gourdon, that hasn’t happened for over 35 years?

Yes and it will be nice, the stadiums should be full. However, these are only two games that only count for 10% of the total points for the season. It will be necessary to play the other adversaries with as much desire to appear well in this championship.

Have you strengthened your squad with the arrival of new players?

Yes, Jean Marc Parjadis and his commission have done a lot of work so that we present two teams of 22 players every Sunday. Today the senior squad is made up of more than 65 players and there should be challenges in training.

In terms of coaches, have you changed anything?

A few minor edits have been made. Antoine Pichonnière remains the head coach. He will be assisted in team 1 by Mickël Not and Baptiste Lonzieme. In team 2, the manager is Mathieu Toulet, supported by Clément Larequié and a newcomer from Gramat, but originally from Souillagais: Alexandre Bonneval.

I thank Norbert Nickert for this great season which ended with a quarter-final and which takes a step back, but remains a leader at the club.

More great rugby days this season in Souillac?

Yes, we can count on the group to wet the “red and black” jersey again this season and thus please all these partners, supporters and volunteers who are more and more numerous to join the club.

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