Soukeina Sagna: “I admit that I am very surprised by the notoriety that I had”

European Junior Champion with France, Soukeina Sagna amazed the followers of the 2022 edition of the women’s handball CAN with her talent. The Lioness, a native of Saint Denis, stood out brilliantly.

One of the revelations of the 25th edition of the African women’s handball championship which took place in Dakar from 9 to 19 November final on the coronation of Angola, Soukeina took on a new dimension in the Senegalese selection. The Lioness elected three times best player of a meeting even offered herself the luxury of appearing in the standard team of this competition becoming the best center-half of the CAN, despite Senegal’s fourth place. ” It’s really nice but it’s thanks to my teammates. We fought until the end. It is true that the disappointment is immense with the fourth. »

We don’t deserve to finish in fourth place. I think we could have done a whole lot more. But it’s the law of sport, and we’ll try to do better next time. We sinned against Congo because we simply did not play as a team. I also think that we have not learned from our mistakes. Against Angola, we knew that the loss of balls which had sinned and against Congo, we did not know how to push the ball when necessary, we did not know how to let go of the ball when necessary, ” she declared at the microphone of wiwsport at the end of their match for third place, lost against Congo (20-19).

At 22 today, Soukeina Sagna has seen her career take an unexpected turn. While she was called up by the France team in March 2020 for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, three years after her coronation in the European championship with the French junior team, the player encouraged by the pandemic of Covid-19 stops the sport for a period of eleven months. It was only in 2021 that she decided to take over Han as a medical joker. She ends up choosing to designate Senegal, the country of her mother. Soukeina Sagna is participating in her first CAN in Cameroon, where Senegal beat in the quarter-finals and finished in 5th position.

She takes a new ascent during her second campaign with Senegal. Where she is considered one of the great talents of the 2022 edition of the African championship. It’s very touching, I gave everything I could, it’s thanks to my teammates too. On a collective played. Now I thank them too. It is thanks to her that I was able to have balls which allow me to score goals ” rejoices the current handball player Club Celles-sur-Belle, naturally spotted and appreciated by Senegalese fans. ” I try to manage I’m not too social networks. I’m more about the personal life, I try to make sense of things. » Before adding that she did not expect all that. ” I admit that I was very surprised by the notoriety that I had and everything that happened. Now I really thank the people who supported me who were there for me. I love you very very much. I am very touched by everything that is happening and I will do even better next time. »

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