Soyaux to leave or double in Saint-Etienne

If we go there for a walk, it is sure that things will go wrong.

Why ASJ Soyaux will continue

1. Because he is missing a point

Tied on points (13) with Issy, tenth and first non-relegation, Soyaux needs a point to pass in front of the Ile-de-France team which has the particular goal-average, which is authentic in D1 Arkema. Or, at the same time, Issy goes to already sacred Lyon. Suffice to say that Issy is at high risk of seeing his counter remain blocked because this season, Lyon marched on the D1 by compiling twenty victories and conceding only one draw…. against Saint Etienne.

2. Because Saint-Etienne is doomed

In its quest to maintain, Soyaux has the chance to play the weakest team in the championship, Saint-Etienne, bottom with 7 points. Sentenced for two days already, the Stéphanoises will not have the obligation to put the bit in their teeth to hang the Charentaises on their hunting board. In the first leg, the team, then trained by Dragan Cvetkovic (officially still convalescing after his operation in March) won (2-1) at Léo-Lagrange.

3. Because she has a new armed offensive

We didn’t really see it coming. Last recruit of the transfer window, the 19-year-old Cameroonian striker, Komé, waited for her second match to make people talk about her. Launch Saturday at 67e by Samuel Fau, she found the fault seven minutes later “with a great but”. She has already supplanted other recruits from the winter market, such as the Argentine Julieta Lema, who remained on the bench, or the Russian, Elizabeta Danilova, outside the group. Samuel Fau: “There was a necessary period of adaptation. She’s a bit introverted. She plays a different evasive football. And the D1 is a fairly tough championship where it comes out strong enough”. Kome knew how to bide his time.

Why ASJ Soyaux will go down

1. Because she has never chained two good results

This year, Soyaux has never chained two positive results. Before his victory on Saturday, the formation of Samuel Fau had just suffered seven setbacks in a row. For the last home game of the season and the farewell to the supporters, euphoria reigned at Léo-Lagrange. For the Soyaldician players, who gave everything for 90 minutes, they will have to refocus and recharge the batteries after such an expenditure of energy, moreover with only five days of rest. It will also be necessary to digest a long trip to the Loire and play at a rather unusual schedule (8:45 p.m.) and avoid gambling during the day. “It may be long” Sighs Samuel Fau.

2. Because Saint-Etienne can surprise

If Saint-Etienne only totals seven small points, he sometimes did not miss much to count more. “The Stéphanoises have often had bad luck. Already when they came to us, they were leading 1-0 and then they hit the post. “. Saint-Etienne managed the feat of standing up to Lyon (1-1). Saturday, in Fleury, the Vertes did well (0-2) before letting go (4-2). Their top scorer, Kelly Gago, with five goals, more than any Sojaldicienne. ” If we go there for a walk, it is sure that it will go wrong, ” warns the ASJ technician

3. Because Saint-Etienne wants to finish in style

Faced with the team in front of it, Saint-Etienne will want to show that it did not deserve its red lantern, even if the last place is promised to it. While the men’s team will also leave the elite after their defeat in the play-off on Sunday against Auxerre followed by the invasion of the pitch, their female counterpart wants to offer their supporters one last success.

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