Stade Bagnérais Handball on all fronts

The Bagnérais Hanball stadium is doing well and has had good results. This weekend, do not miss their matches but also their participation in the Telethon.

Under 11 : first tournament in Bagnères for the under 11 mixed and two victories in five games. It’s already not bad, and our young people have enthusiasm and qualities; the ingredients to progress quickly.

Under 13 girls : new success (21-16) for the players of Manon and Amaya, at home this time, but against a more “hefty” team than last week. The result is therefore more interesting and we will have to continue on this path because there will certainly be more difficult matches.

Under 13 boys : lost at home (11-20) against a good team from Auch who was already more experienced for the category. With time and work, the difference will fade but the hen is raised.

Under 15 girls : Bagnères 25 – Aucamville 14. Another victory against a “Toulouse” team, and without possible dispute, although the first third was a bit laborious and acquitted on the golden goal. The result was to the advantage of the Bagnéraises who broke away irresistibly. Under 15 boys : Saint-Girons 11 – Bagneres 32; the Ariégeois ground has done well with the Stade Bagnérais formations at the moment, since this time it is the boys who have won there. Certainly the difference in level was visible, but winning there is never a foregone conclusion. Under 20 girls: Bagnères 32 – Roques 14. We expected this match between the two undefeated, and therefore with the first place at stake. The Bagnéraises had a very good match in front of a large audience. All was not perfect of course, but the defense of the blacks put under the extinguisher the offensive tendencies of the blue ones. And when Roques provided the opening it was often to come up against the SBHB goalkeeper. A few small technical faults prevented Bagnères’ dynamic attack from getting a bigger score but still, 32 goals against a good team is an excellent result. It is now necessary to do as well on the return phase.

Next weekend : Saturday 26 at Cordier, at 1 p.m.: – 11 mixed SBHB – Lourdes. At 3 p.m.: – 13 G SBHB – Lourdes. At 5 p.m.: – 15G SBHB – Pins-Justaret. At 7 p.m.: Seniors F2 SBHB – Pouyastruc. At 9 p.m.: Seniors M SBHB – PNH. Outside: – 15F Roques – SBHB. 17F PNH-SBHB. Seniors F1 Coteaux – SBHB. Sunday 27/11 in Cordier: – 20 F SBHB – Beauzelle. On Saturday, November 26, the SBHB will participate in the Telethon by collecting donations for the departmental association of the Telethon. And the products of the bar and a hamper will also be reversed.

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