Stade Lavallois: “Every evening when I sleep, I think of him, of us”, Alexis Sauvage or life ahead

It is the last bastion of the Lavallois Stadium. A safe bet. But behind the fortress, there are flaws and a drama, which could have extinguished everything. It is quite the opposite and much more. In this #USBFOOT, Alexis Sauvage delivers. Open heart.

The goalkeeper, by definition, must be a safe bet. Alexis Sauvage is of this caste, of the people we notice. 31 games out of 33 last year in National. Statistically, the last bulwark of Stade Lavallois arises there. And in this upcoming Ligue 2 season, Olivier Frapolli, the Tangos coach, is still counting on him. Solid.

Alexis Sauvage the victim of life

And yet, Alexis Sauvage could have collapsed more than once, never to get up again. The drama dates from 2014. He is on the A26, near Saint-Quentin in the Aisne, driving his car, after a victory with his then club, Boulogne-sur-Mer. The atmosphere is at “the joke“. The few seconds of distraction turn into a nightmare. He hits a truck.

The accident cost the life of his Boulogne-sur-Mer teammate and great friend, Mauricio Alves Peruchi. Alexis Sauvage’s brother is seriously injured. Later, in court, no one will blame the footballer, no more the mother of his deceased best friend than his brother or the prosecution. But the fault of inattention, with dramatic consequences, is sanctioned. He is sentenced for manslaughter, six months suspended prison sentence, without entry into the criminal record. There remains the weight of guilt and its burden. For life.

I screwed up 100%, 300%. I lost a teammate, a brother, Mauricio.

Alexis Sauvage

Laval goalkeeper

“Mauricio is here permanently, that I can guarantee you. Every morning, every evening when it’s time to sleep, I think of him, of us. I also think of all the people who have supervised me since, who have helped. And I say to myself: what I have done in the day, is it enough? Every tomorrow is a new day. It’s not another day, it’s a new day”.

From this deep pain, Alexis Sauvage has made it a strength, almost a philosophy: that of never complaining. And especially not on the field.

Passed by Marseille Consolat, the Red Star, Villefranche-sur-Saône before arriving at the Lavallois Stadium, Alexis Sauvage has the experience and the shoulders to support everything, or almost. Indisputable holder of the last season – he only missed two games – he is one of the major players in the rise in Ligue 2. As much on the green rectangle as in the locker room.

And if it is known health problems that kept him away from the foot at the start of the season, Alexis Sauvage is back in the game. Like Laval, moreover, who has just recovered against Quevilly, after a slump: 4 defeats in a row . Four setbacks for the same scenario: a failed 2nd half.

The coach showed us, two or three days ago, that we were first in each half. If we stopped the matches (at half-time) we would be first. Which is not the case. It was pretty crazy to see that. So he insisted on it: what we manage to do well in 45 minutes, why not do in the other 45?

Alexis Sauvage

Laval goalkeeper

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