Stade Montois completely drowned in the Sapiac basin

The fault in particular, as in Béziers, in a failed first half (24-9). The Stade Montois, finally deprived of its pillar Innocente at kick-off (became a dad this Friday morning and remained in the Landes) – replaced by Thomas Bultel – could not indeed have entered its meeting worse by cashing in its hardest try. fast of the season. After only 1’08”, Vici captured a candle from Bosviel in the 22 meters Mons and eliminated De Nardi, to score in a corner his third try in a row this season (7-0, 2nd).

Three tries in 30 minutes

If Du Plessis first rewarded a great breakthrough by Mensa (7-3, 7th), the yellow and blacks would then suffer the lightning from the locals, while lightning flashed behind the Sapiac stadium. Renowned for their physical play, the Tarn-et-Garonnais chained playing times in the axis, until a magnificent one-two Guillemin-Venter, which allowed the first to also score his third try of the season (14 -3, 17th).

The Montois weren’t in their match but were gradually gaining the score. In particular thanks to the three balls stolen in touch by Léo Banos, but especially thanks to the faults of the Montalbanais. Du Plessis did not need to be asked (14-9, 24th). The Montois were realistic and would doubt Montauban. But David Gérard’s players, winners of their first two home games, scored on practically every incursion into the 22-meter Landes. After a penal touch and a point of fixation of the forwards, Tupuola passed between Du Plessis and Sayerse to drive the point home (21-9, 32nd). Never this season again, the players of Patrick Milhet, deprived yesterday by injury of Loustalot and Naituvi, had conceded three tries in one half.

At 100% on foot, Jérôme Bosviel even widened the gap before the break, after an offside from Lisena (24-9, 38th). For the biggest gap in a first half this season.

Failed character test

The ears of the Landes players had to warm up at the break and the staff injected new blood with the entries of Casadéï, Pialot and Petero. And the reaction was immediate with a first big highlight of the Montois in the 22 meters Montalbanais. But rewarded only by a penalty from Pialot (24-12, 49th). While conversely, David Gérard’s players scored tries on their highlights.

And in particular thanks to very efficient penetrating groups. The referee sanctioned the Montois on the first (31-12, 52nd) and sent Lisena to the bench for ten minutes, then Momo validated the work of his forwards (36-12, 58th). And even if De Nardi scored his third try in two games, after his double against Oyonnax, following a great breakthrough from Mensa (36-19, 72nd), it was far too late. Especially since the Landais drank the chalice to the dregs with a new penetrating group concluded by Vici, scorer in the first and last minute of the meeting (43-19, 80th).

Too many penalties conceded

The Mons staff wanted to “see the character of their group” on this meeting, to confirm the dynamics of the team, after two successes in a row. And see his team improve discipline. He came out very disappointed with the performance of the players present in Montauban (13 penalties conceded). Because the yellows and blacks have completely drowned in the Sapiac basin. Not ideal before a week off. This performance somewhat tarnished the first block of Willie Du Plessis’ teammates, which nevertheless remained very solid, with three victories and a defensive bonus, while the yellows and blacks moved three times and faced candidates in the final stages.

It will nevertheless be necessary to quickly rectify the situation during the reception of Soyaux-Angoulême, Friday, October 7, to remain suspended from the leading car.

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