Stade Montois finds a second wind against Aurillac

The freshness of the second fifteen aligned by the Aurillacois in the second period certainly did not help her band, but she was able to find the resources necessary to snatch success. And for this first outing of the season, the two objectives targeted by the staff have been achieved. “We wanted to increase the pace, especially in terms of collisions and at this level, the objective has been achieved”, explains Milhet. Aurillac, who led the debates at the start of the second period, was however a good client. “We wanted to find a group that wants to produce a good game and win collisions. It’s chosen done, there too.

Lack of realism

The Montois lacked realism in the first period very early in the match. Installed in front of the Cantalous line for a while, they lost a ball on the ground and very quickly conceded the first try on a counterattack (7-0, 4th). Jimmy Yobo’s speed pierced the defense with no possibility of being caught. Better in front, the Landais relied on their strengths. A touch 5 meters from the opposing in-goal, a good ball carried and Romain Latterrade flattened (7-7, 10th).

Stade Montois still came up against a solid Aurillac defense. Severely tested, it bent but did not break. In front of the opposing goal line, Du Plessis’ teammates insisted but once again lost the ball (17th). Before the break, Aurillac took advantage of a weakness to move ahead (10-7, 40th).

Laousse Azpiazu’s boot

Coming with two teams, the Cantalous are much cooler incomes on the lawn. Faced with a new fifteen full of desire and passion, Patrick Milhet’s men folded again very quickly. Aurillac planted two new banderillas transformed (7-24, 47th). Once again, the Montois relied on a fine vanguard line to regain vigor. First on a new foray into the 22 meters Cantalous, they registered a good collective test (24-14, 48th). Then on a nice scrum in the 5 meters to find the rookie Obatoyinbo on his wing, at the end of the line (24-21, 60th).

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