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From August 3 to 10, 2022, Côte d’Ivoire is hosting the Zone 3 Volleyball Nations Cup. The Beninese delegation which left Cotonou at the beginning of the afternoon of this Monday, August 1, 2022 has already reached Ivorian soil. The two national men’s and women’s volleyball teams have completed two weeks of preparation. The national men’s volleyball team had two friendly matches.

As for the national women’s team, the technicians preferred to focus on the tactics to be put in place to thwart those of their opponents. The objective assigned to the two Beninese representatives involved in the competition is to rise to the top step of the podium at the level of men and women. Lists of the two national selections men and women selected for the competition.

Men’s national team


01-Yacoubou Daouda (Vkp Slovakia)
02-Moukaila Tidjani (Finance Vbc)
03-Tohouegnon Tobby (Adjidja Vbc)
04 Gaba Raoul (Usb Sakare Vbc)
05-Adansikou Valdo (Allada O. Vbc)
06-Kora Waliou (Finance Vbc)
07-Deki Ishmael (Finance Vbc)
08-Baparape Hamid (Adjidja Vbc)
09-Jose Janus (Allada O. Vbc)


10-Moukaila Mohamed (Finance Vbc)
11-Gahoué Faycal (As Customs Burkina Faso)


12-Maboudou Florent (Usb Sakare Vbc)

National women’s team


01-Gnangbo Marduyath (Queens Vbc)
02-Toviho Jacqueline (Queens Vbc)
03-Adam Aissatou (Allada O. Vbc)
04-Toko Oustazirath (Allada O. Vbc)
05-Agossou E. Grace (Allada O. Vbc)
06-Kora Djamilath (Adjidja Vbc)
07- Kona Tango (Adjidja Vbc)
08-Okpo Rebecca (Energy Vbc)
09-Seki Edith (Energy Vbc)


10-Issa Idrissou Rafi (Queens Vbc)
11-Gbodossindji Christelle (Queens Vbc)
12-Tabe Cherifath (Vbc Buffaloes)

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