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An exclusive set of Pokémon coins can be acquired at the pop-up Pokémon Center London pop-up store.

As the Pokémon World Championship arrives at ExCel London next week (August 17-24), where attendees can finally find out who is the best trainer (note that this is the first time that this World Championship will also integrate Pokémon GO), it should be noted for amateur collectors of Pokémon products (Editor’s note: Thibault, don’t read this news!) that the event will also house a Pokémon Center pop-up store throughout its duration and we have Products, thanks to Serebii, a first look at some of its exclusives that will be offered.

The store has two coin sets for sale that contain a Pikachu embossed coin, damage markers, and a VSTAR marker, all bundled in an exclusive case. The collections will be available in two different editions – Main Look and City Set – and different cases and pieces accordingly. Here are some images:

Images: The Pokémon Company

The coin sets will be one of the many items you can buy in the store during the World Championship but besides many various plushes and goodies, you will also have these two exclusive plushes, one from Pikachu and the other from Roserade.

To visit the store, you can either register online for a time slot or show up on the day and try your luck in the virtual queue. Online registrations are open, go ahead! The link is here.

The store will be open on the following dates and times:

Pokémon Center Excel London:

Wednesday August 17 – 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Thursday August 18 – Saturday August 20 – from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Sunday, August 21 – 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Pikmin Bloom: Community Day: Saturday, August 13, 2022

The mobile game around the Pikmin universe, like Pokémon Go, also has its community days to be able to highlight the title and offer its players some special events. The game is far from having found its cruising speed at the audimat level.

For this month of August, Community Day falls on Saturday, August 13, 2022 and will last the entire day. Be careful though, a video presenting this community day in English indicates that the event will take place from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. local time, while the French site of Pikmin Bloom indicates an operation throughout the day. The options can therefore change locally but you will only be advised too much to stall in priority on the schedule seen at the level of the video coming directly from Niantic. To you the megaflowers that will blossom into sunflowers! Let’s not forget that August 13, 2022 is also Pokémon Go Fans’ Community Day.

Get ready for August Community Day!08/11/2022

Built-in bonuses:

If you plant ordinary blue, red, yellow or white petals around the megaflowers, they will bloom into sunflowers (Each megaflower will bloom for 3 hours only)

Players reaching the 10,000 step goal that day have earned a special sunflower floral badge.

The sprouts in your grow bag will benefit from a 50% increased growth speed (or even more, if you plant flowers!)

The teams in charge of Pikmin Bloom are looking forward to your messages on the #10KWalkWithPikmin and in particular your photos of walks.

Be careful, however, to update your Pikmin Bloom application well because to be able to manage the megaflowers of sunflower, it must be in version V50 or later at least. Let’s also remember the safety instructions that apply to all games that take place outdoors (therefore including when you play with your Switch in public transport: remember to raise your nose when crossing the roads, respect the places you cross.

Pikmin Bloom – Walk with your friends and loved ones08/11/2022

Note that during the rest of August, other changes are minor:

Nectar Update: During the month of August, fruit obtained by attacking mushrooms will produce regular, rose, lily, or sunflower nectar.

Throughout August, megaflowers can sometimes bloom into roses, lilies, and sunflowers when you plant regular red, yellow, white, or blue petals nearby.

After September 1, 2022, lilies will no longer bloom spontaneously from regular flower petals.

New Deco Pikmin Theme Park Ticket!

Since August 4, 2022, Pikmin Deco Theme Park Tickets have appeared in Pikmin Bloom.

Find Deco Pikmin Theme Park Ticket at and around theme parks. The tickets for these Pikmin include the name of the park as well as the date of your visit! There are three types in total: red, yellow and blue. Watch for their sprouts this summer while you have an unforgettable time with your friends!

It’s hard not to smile thinking back to the theme parks of our childhood. So now is the perfect time to visit a park that brings back fond memories! Do not hesitate to plant a few flowers in Pikmin Bloom to cover the park with your favorite colors!

The roller coaster, the Ferris wheel, the carousels… The options are multiplying and it is sometimes difficult to choose. What is your favorite type of ride? Why not take some AR photos with your Pikmin to let us know? Don’t forget to post your message online with the hashtag #PikminBloom!

Pikmin Bloom storage upgrades will be payable in game currency starting September 14, 2022.

This is part of the expected adjustments around Pikmin Bloom, which since its launch 9 months ago, at the end of 2021, has already seen a number of changes, updates and adjustments. Until now, Niantic had not changed the system for purchasing storage upgrades for the various materials in the game. So this will finally be the case since as of September 14, your bank card will no longer be the single solution but you can opt for the use of the internal currency of the game.

In Pikmin Bloom, players can collect a number of different items, including nectar, flower petals, postcards, seedlings, and the Pikmin themselves. It previously had to pay € 1.99 to be able to update your storage capacities, a brake which caused many players to ignore this game or not to worry about the various events put in place.

Here are some cost examples:

Improved storage of 25 nectars: 180 pieces
Improved storage of 25 petals: 180 pieces
Upgrade to store 20 Pikmins: 180 coins
Warehouse upgrade of 5 seedlings: 180 coins

If payment in real money is still possible, this important change should allow players who are more cautious on the spending side to get back into the game and test it more in depth.

Mario Golf: Super Rush offers a new batch of Maskass colors for Ranked Match rewards.

A bit of content for Mario Golf: Super Rush, a not unpleasant title at all but which struggles to keep us going for very long. So to play from time to time, what better than to take advantage of this little update of colorful Maskass and start playing Ranked Matches online.

These colors can be unlocked after reaching Rank A- or higher in the Online Ranked Matches mode. You will start at rank C before moving up to B and eventually A. Increase your rank by earning points, which can be done simply by playing, having good matches, and defeating higher ranked opponents. After unlocking the colors, go to the character select screen, hover over the character, and press the “L” button to swap it.

Here is a small video posted by DH1125 which seems particularly appreciated to follow this game:

Mario Golf Super Rush – Ranked Matches #2508/11/2022

It should be noted that this is the second time that Maskass has been distributed in the game, we had already received a colorful wave of Maskass last March, to be obtained already via Ranked matches.

Other rewards include Boo’s visor, a few new colors for Toad, new colors for Koopa Troopa, Mario’s classic overalls, an NES Open Tournament golf outfit for Mario (and one for Luigi), Yoshi’s colors, the Luigi’s overalls, Wario’s overalls and Waluigi’s overalls.

Play with family and friends with Mario Golf: Super Rush (Nintendo Switch)08/11/2022

The Pokemon Company Confirmed as Exhibitor at PAX West 2022

Pax West 2022 will take place in the United States, and more precisely in Seattle on the west coast, from September 2 to 5, 2022. The opportunity for us in general to discover many productions from the independent scene and the latest advances in current projects.

PAX West 2022 – Badges Available Now08/11/2022

Small surprise, Pokémon will be present during this event as well as Nintendo, which is rare. We can therefore logically think that Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple will be presented during this event, and perhaps in the form of a playable demo, a bit like Pokémon Sword and Shield in their time. Pokémon fans will therefore have to watch the news from September 2 to find out what has been concocted by Nintendo (expect Splatoon 3 at least) and The Pokémon Company.

Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Purple – The Paldea Region (Nintendo Switch)08/11/2022

Watch the full Ark Survival Evolved preview during PAX West 2022

We already know the proven presence during this Pax West 2022 of ARK Survival Evolved, which arrives on Switch in September 2022 with an updated MEGA Ark for owners of the original game. Here is a little video of GP, very involved around Ark Survival. Not really a fan at first, my Junior fell into his friends during this month of July and saw the interest in this title increase, even on Switch. Suffice to say that he is looking forward to this Evolved version.

ARK is CONFIRMED to be at PAX WEST 202208/11/2022

pokemon sc
The Pokemon Company has been revealed among the exhibitors at PAX West, a major video game convention held on the west coast of the United States.

The convention will be held in Seattle from September 2-5, and will feature many other exhibitors in addition to The Pokemon Company, including Nintendo. According to a press release, The Pokemon Company “invites trainers to experience the latest in the monster hunting franchise,” leading many to speculate that Pokemon Scarlet And Violet will be featured at the event, with some hoping that a demo could be presented, similar to the Pokemon Sword And Shield demo, which has been presented at many such conventions.

As of this writing, nothing has been confirmed regarding The Pokemon Company’s plans for PAX West. Stay tuned for more.



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