Table tennis: another busy season for Simon Stalla

It’s back to school this weekend for the Haut-Marnais clubs involved but also for Simon Stalla, in National 2. First meeting Saturday, September 24 against Paris 13, with Grenoble.

The Curellois Simon Stalla skipped the tournaments, his last match was on May 7 against Annecy in the national championship 2 by teams, crowned with a podium behind Clamart and Annecy.

Saturday evening, the Haut-Marnais will once again be in the playing area for the first meeting of the French table tennis championship N2 season 2022-2023. At 31, he will begin his 25th season as a table tennis player and his 6th year with the club La Tronche Meylan Grenoble with his background and previous experience, thirteen years played in N1, N2 and 4 in N3. He will be number 2 in the team behind his young teammate Dos Santos, ahead of Flore and Blanchet, all the numbered players, in a group of eight very tough teams where he will have to fight to hope to stay at the end of 1re stage on December 10.

There will be three receptions, Paris 13, Fréjus, Montpellier and four trips to Pays Rochois genevois (club of the former Haut-Marnais Jegede), Neuves-Maisons (previous club of Stalla), Nice and Boulogne-Billancourt. Suffice to say heavy, with the best clubs at 10,000 cumulative points out of four players knowing that Nice, Fréjus, Montpellier and Boulogne can do more with players from the upper division.

In the draw of the hens, the Curellois finds this “Very interesting hen, with great matches in perspective”showing motivation and the desire to return to play a new season despite the organizational and logistical difficulties to come.

At the same time, at the end of May, he announced that he was thinking about taking up a double license and doing a 4e season in Switzerland generating a lot of travel. His Silverstar team in Geneva having finished in the lead last season in the National League B, equivalent to the N2 in France, accession to the LNA (N1 France) was acquired. The club is not recruiting, he has been asked again by the president of the club, perhaps a last experience in the elite who is tempted. The team will be maintained with Nolan Givone n°1, Simon Stalla n°2, Benjamin Givone n°3 and Alain Loiseau (n°4 substitute). The title started on October 15 and 16, the particularity of the LNA being on Saturday and Sunday over the same weekend two home and away matches requiring transfers throughout Switzerland.

Simon Stalla, a statistician by training, being in professional and geographical transfer, negotiated to rotate the team and not play, as far as the stakes were concerned, all the matches. He will have to reconcile training, work and high-level sport. A big year in perspective, a lot of travel between his home bordering the Drôme, Bourgoin-Jallieu, the club welcoming him for training, Grenoble, his home club in N2, Geneva, his Swiss elite club, not to mention all trips.

The unknown parameter is whether the training volume will be sufficient to keep up the pace and play two big championships while eliminating the time to combine personal, professional and sporting life.

One thing is certain, the Haut-Marnais and his three Grenoble team-mates want to look good and feel sharp for the reception of Paris 13 on Saturday evening.

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