Table tennis: Black weekend for CHTT teams

@Honfleurinfos: The players of team 1: Damien Piccoli, Pascal Riette, Pascal Bonhème and Karl Faucon: Photo credit CHTT

In regional 2, the first team teamed up with the 1 of AS Cherbourg up to 6 points to 6 with in particular the performance of Karl, ranked 12, on Nicolas Pinson, ranked 14. Unfortunately the Honfleurais have pinches 8 points to 6. Despite this defeat, the pennant team retains 4th place in its group.

Assessment: Damien Piccoli 3 wins, Pascal Bonhème 2 wins and Karl Faucon 1 win.

In super departmental 1, team 2 logically lost 11 points to 3 against team 6 from Ouistréham, one of the contenders for the rise in regional 4. The reserve team retained 6th place in their pool and its chances of survival.

Assessment: Eric Leclere 3 wins.

In departmental 1, team 3 was not unworthy but lost 9 to 5 against team 2 from Deauville. Note the fine performances of Sébastien and Eric, ranked 7, against Justin Dolley, ranked 8. Team 3 is 8th in its group, the next meeting against Cormelles will be decisive to maintain a chance of maintenance.

Assessment: Alain Hardy 2 wins, Eric Biret 1 win and double with Farid Laaifat, Sébastien Michaux 1 win.

In departmental 3, defeat 9 to 5 of team 4 against team 4 of Bayeux. Except exploit during the last two meetings, this team will find the departmental 4 in the second phase.

Assessment: Nicolas Morvan 2 wins and the double with his son Killian 1 win, Edouard Sebert and Vincent Lemonnier win their double.

In departmental 4, team 5 was exempt. She is 5th in her group with a game late.

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