TABLE TENNIS: First complicated for the ASTT

Amiens made its comeback this Tuesday in Pro B against the promoted Norman Saint-Pierraise. Favorites, the Amiens scared themselves by snatching victory at the decisive point (3-2).

The important thing is to have the three points », be reassured Arnaud Sellier, coach of the ASTT. However, from the outset, it is Eric Jouti who leads his team. Back in the Labaume room, after four years away from the Picardy capital, the Brazilian offers the first point of the game by beating the Greek Ioannis Vlotinos. After a first set largely dominated (11-3), the Amiens, relaxed but solid, won the second round 11-7. Without trembling, the national n°40 finished the job with a score of 11-8, all in less than 30 minutes. An almost perfect performance that perfectly launches the evening. 1-0 for Amiens. ” I’m glad to have found Eric (Jouti), even with four years older », rejoices Arnaud Sellier.

Trust changes sides

It’s the turn of Tamas Lakatos to set off against the leader of the Entente Saint-Pierraise, Marcos Madrid. The Amiénois, feverish, struggles to get into his game. He bows logically 7-11 in the first set. Despite some flashes of Hungarianthe Mexican takes the psychological advantage and attracts the second round 5-11. Without a burst of pride, the Picard player, overwhelmed, made many mistakes and let slip the second point of the match to Saint-Pierrais (7-11). One everywhere. This performance has the gift of annoying the manager samarian: You have to know how to play with your heart and put envy. Still, Tamas Lakatos is one of the most talented. He needs to pull himself together […] Marcos Madrid was very good, I have rarely seen him play so well against us “.

The third poster opposes the rookie from Amiens Tobias Rasmussen a Martin Baechler. In this left-handed duel, the Saint-Pierrais takes over Amiens, under pressure. The first round is one-way, 5-11. the Danish break free and attack. The ASTT player leads, before being joined despite two set points. The two table tennis players perform blow for blow and Rasmussen finally prevail 14-12. Confidence changes sides and the 25-year-old dominates his opponent, tired and less realistic (11-6). Amiens resumed their lead thanks to a solidly won fourth set (11-7). 2-1 for the ASTT. The newcomer is defended by his coach: “ Lakatos put the team in a negative dynamic. Rasmussen was tense in the first set “.

The tension is growing

Eric Jouti comes back to the table with a mission to bite Marcos Madrid. The Mexican thwarts the Brazilian, who tries to put his game in place, in vain. Set ball for Madrid, erased by a super return. There followed several opportunities on both sides, but the visitor takes it away 12-14. The two players produce a high-level meeting, and cannot decide between them again. But this time it’s goodAmiens who pockets the second inning 11-9. But the third is only a formality, Jouti is outclassed (4-11). Following this air pocket, it however determined. The table tennis players offer spectacular exchanges. the No. 1 in Amiens offers the most important points and wins the fourth set, 11-9. The tension is at its height for the decisive round, the public pushes. But the Norman table tennis player takes the advantage and keeps it until the end (9-11). Entente Saint-Pierraise recalls at 2-2. ” Still, Jouti played very well “says Arnaud Sellier.

The decisive match pits the two least fit players against each other, Tamas Lakatos and Ioannis Vlotinos. The pressure mounts a further notch. The start of the game is a succession of individual errors. the Hungarian takes advantage of a slump in the Greek and won the first round for Amiens (11-8). The second and third sets are a copy of the first. L’Amiens take advantage of the faults Saint-Pierrais and gives the victory point to the ASTT (11-6; 11-6). Half-hearted success of Amiens for its return to Pro B, as confirmed Arnaud Sellier : “ I didn’t expect such a close match, I thought it was more like a 3-0 or 3-1. Fortunately the opposing team did not have all their players operational. »

Some ASTT table tennis players go to China to take part in World’s Championshipsbefore returning for the reception of Lille end of October.

1st day of Pro B: Amiens STT – Saint-Pierraise Agreement: 3-2

Éric Jouti (n°40) – Ioannis Vlotinos (n°157): 11-3; 11-7; 11-8
Tamas Lakatos (#58) – Marcos Madrid (#80): 7-11; 5-11; 7-11
Tobias Rasmussen (#60) – Martin Baechler (#255): 5-11; 14-12; 11-6; 11-7
Éric Jouti (n°40) – Marcos Madrid (n°80): 12-14; 11-9; 4-11; 11-9; 9-11
Tamas Lakatos (#58) – Ioannis Vlotinos (#157): 11-8; 11-6; 11-6

Romain Ales
Photo credit: Léandre Leber – Gazette Sports

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