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N3M. Plérin – Passageois and Thorigné (3) – Plérin (2), Saturday (3 p.m. and 5 p.m.)

Another little effort: this is what Clément Marengue is asking his partners on Saturday, while the “reserve”, keeping him in his pocket, will try to come to his senses at Thorigné after the defeat against Ploemeur.

Beaten 8-3 at the table, the Plérinais table tennis players are under the blow of a defeat on green after having fielded a player whose ranking was insufficient to play at this level, but, with four successes, the maintenance is in the pocket, which will allow Baptiste Bourget to migrate to team 1, as he did last weekend against Palaiseau.

” We take the same and start again ” ?

“We take the same ones and start over,” noted the Plérinais coach yesterday, who has already done his little calculations. “Against Passageois, who are fielding two good Spaniards, a victory or a draw with a positive set-average would be synonymous with maintenance. Otherwise, we should have an eye on Fontenay and Palaiseau who are our direct competitors and who will face each other on the last day”.

The program

In Plérin, Maurice-Hélard room (3 p.m.), Plérin AC – Passageois TT

Plérin: Clément Marengue (N585), Baptiste Bourget (N687), Guillaume Pottier (N765), Guillaume Le Louarn (2035). Passageois: PD Gramcko Marquez (N644), Louis Audoin (1964), Hodei Mancha (1888), Maxime Salis (1868)

At Thorigné-Fouillard (5 p.m.), Thorigné-Fouillard TT (3) – AC Plérin (2)

For Plérin: Marc le Penven (N508), Antoine Verdier (N858), Clément Bourget (1878) + 1 R1 player

For Thorigné: Nolann Maudier (N995), Nathanaël Duros (1986), Camille Lebrun (1968), Djamael Roosens-Boissard (1947)

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