Table tennis – National 3. The Alencon star wants to shine and maintain the hope of maintenance

Fabrice Vinclair, “historic player” of the first team, will try to help his teammates obtain a crucial success to stay in National 3. ©L’Orne hebdo

“Facing the sea, I should have grown up. Face down, I could have died. I’m getting up again. I take my last dream”, said, at the time, the poets Calogero and Passi.

L’Etoile alençonnaise faces Ouistreham, coastal town, Saturday, November 26. And the Ornais have not planned to die but rather to grow, if all goes well, in their setting in the sports area of ​​Verdun, in Alencon (Orna).

Ouistreham reinforced for the occasion

Jeremy Colletthe captain of the Star, does not hide that his training is “looking for points” in this National 3 group. Things are starting to get serious for the prefectural first team, before receiving Ouistreham for a ‘“game capital” in the struggle to maintain.

After a good result, Saturday, November 19, in Nantes (7-7), against a superior formation, the stellists will have a lot to do against reinforced Calvadosiens. They will benefit from some players who could have played the rise in National 2.

As the captain says himself, “the rescue mission therefore promises to be complicated”. But the irreducible people of Alencon will be able to surpass themselves, there is no doubt about it. The capi’ will, for sure, have to find the words “to sublimate his partners”.

Alençon can count on Fabrice Vinclair

Among the actors of the meeting, Jérémy Collet will be able to count on Fabrice Vinclair, ranked 20 and president of the table tennis section of the Star.

“He has been the historic player of the first team for more than twenty years. He also made a superb start to the season when he found his 20th birthday. »

Jérémy Collet, captain of the Etoile alençonnaise

Will Fabrice Vinclair take his young partners along in his wake for a last dream, as Calo and Passi advocated? That of maintenance.

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For that, it will be necessary to overthrow Ouistreham. The people of Calvados on the landing beaches. Will the people of Ornais finally be able to disembark with authority and dream of better days?

Etoile alençonnaise – Ouistreham TT, Saturday November 26 from 5 p.m.

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