Table tennis. New season, new format, same ambitions for Caen TTC

Antoine Hachard (photo), Stéphane Ouaiche, Wang Yang, Niagol Stoyanov and Romain Lorentz will try to get the playoffs then the title in Pro A. ©Aline Chatel

After touching the Grail with your fingertips without managing to seize it, a new season opens this Tuesday, September 20, 2022 (7:30 p.m.) for the Caen including tax. Caen table tennis players will begin hostilities at home in front of Saint-Denis. This is the first stage of a season that does not return to previous ones. “The regulations have changed, specifies the president Bertrand Arcil. At the end of the season, we will not award the title of champion, there will be playoffs. »

Caen saw the playoffs first

The season is therefore played in two stages, with a regular phase – classic – and a final phase. The top four will compete for the title. The first will receive the fourth and the second will face the third. The winners of the semi-finals will meet in the final on neutral ground.

The club’s goal is to be in the top four to play in the playoffs. There, everything is possible. It’s completely different.

Bertrand Arcil, president of Caen TTC

This operation induces a possibly different strategy for the clubs, which will no longer be obliged to win everything. Some matches will be less important than others and it can be assumed that squads will vary accordingly.

Create the event

“You have to play with the regulations that are published,” says Xavier Renouvin. The Caen coach accepts this reform of the competition without flinching.

It is the zeitgeist in many sports. You have to know how to evaluate. If that’s what partners and audiences are looking for, why not. This has also been done in Germany for a few seasons.

Xavier Renouvin, Caen TTC coach

Caen will be part of the contenders for the coronation like other teams, since Hennebont, Morez, Pontoise, Chartres or even Rouen have been reinforced. “The playoffs mission is one of them,” underlines Bertrand Arcil. The Caennais will approach it with the same workforce as last season, since their Russian rookie could not join France, to which is added the return of Romain Lorentz.

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