Table tennis. Niagol Stoyanov: ‘I have no excuses’

While he had been very successful in the past with Caen TTC, Niagol Stoyanov has been in for many months. ©Aline Châtel

At the end of last season, his poor performance condemned Niagol Stoyanov to let go Caen including tax. The local leaders had preferred him Kirill Skatchkov. Lacking a visa, the Russian player did not join Normandy and the table tennis club then fell back on the Italian. But Niagol Stoyanov still does not come out of it. Tuesday, November 22, 2022, he thought he could get his first point before conceding, finally, two new defeats. In the absence of Stéphane Ouaiche, injured in the ankle, his responsibilities are nevertheless important.

Niagol, how did you experience your false start from Caen TTC?

I’m happy because I wasn’t ready to leave. It was complicated at the start of 2022. I took the club’s decision quite badly because I thought my story with the team was not over. I was all the more disappointed given the way the last season ended (Caen came close to the title of champion of France, editor’s note). A few days later, this possibility opened up for me. I’m satisfied because we get along really well in the team. I know that now it’s up to me to show something else. I haven’t played at my level yet. I have no excuse. I have to bring something to the team.

Is it a trust issue for you?

I think there are a lot of little things put together that put me in this situation where I haven’t played extremely well for a long time. It has to unlock one way or another. I work in all fields. It can happen at any time. This kind of period had never happened to me. I have to find the key.

“It hurts me for the spectators”

What have you changed lately?

Lots of things. I try to be a little less at Insep (he usually trains in Paris, editor’s note), a little more between Italy and Caen. There need to be a few more people around me. I changed physical trainer, I changed physio. At the club, there are people who help me. I try to cut a little more, to break the rhythm to improve myself. It needs to change.

Morally, is it hard?

At my age, I know that table tennis is not 100% of my life. I realize it’s not that bad to lose ping matches. But this is my fifth season at this club and this is the first time that I have not been able to maintain my level of play. The Pro A is a very tough league. You have to accept that the adversary is strong.

Is it also because the overall level has increased that you are less efficient?

It is sure and certain that I must raise my level. With the introduction of the playoffs, many teams have improved. Between first place and ninth (the penultimate, editor’s note), it’s super tight. Every game counts. It’s up to us, and especially me, to be ready. I do everything to be 100%. The worst feeling for me is not having won a match in our new hall yet. It hurts me, especially for all the viewers who have known me for a long time. I don’t feel comfortable not providing the joy of winning a game.

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