Table tennis plays at home

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On Saturday, the Auscitain table tennis players will face their opponents on their home ground, at the Ernest Vila room.

Saturday will see the kick off of the home season for table tennis. The CPAuch will host 7 meetings in the Vila room from 4 p.m.

The team of National 2 receive its counterpart from Mer (Val-de-Loire). The Auscitains led by their leader Ji Peng Xu n° 230 will be completed by Franck Goriaud n° 404 and the two juniors from the Pôle Occitanie hopes of the club and new numbers, Mateo Pagèze N° 846, and Samuel Cabanel n° 837 who comes from stand out at the start of the season by winning the top 12 juniors in Occitanie.

The Center-Val de Loire team of AMO Mer should field the following formation J Aufrère n° 298, A Sobania n° 310, A Lezin n° 515 and H Mordelet n° 648, a homogeneous team that it will be difficult to destabilize.

Fr national 3 team 2 will start with an important match for the maintenance against Talence, with Nicolas Delahaye the captain, supported by Xavier Casadevall n° 415, Thibaut Doucet 19 and Clement Graffagnino 18. The Bordelais are within reach of the Auscitains with Raillard n° 815 , Cascailh, Bruneau and Perennes ranked 20 all 3.

The 5 other matches of CP Auch, including the two receptions of Salindres 2 and 3 in the Prenational against teams 3 and 4 of the Auscitain club will start this 1st day of the championship in the best way.

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