Table tennis: presentation of the trophy to Dominique Maurin

As they traditionally do at the end of each season, the ASS table tennis players rewarded one of their particularly deserving licensees during the annual general meeting.

This year, Dominique Maurin, unanimously by the steering committee, was nominated and received the club trophy given to him by his friend Laurent Charre with whom he brilliantly wore the colors of the ASS.

Licensed in Salindres for almost half a century Doume is the model team member who has gone through all levels ranging from regional 1 with the pennant team to the departmental where today he supervises young graduates.

This pure sugar Salindrois is one of those licensees who do not count on their time to serve the club whose coat he wears and this in full volunteering.

This faithful of the little white ball from Salindroise is recognized and appreciated by all for his kindness and his good humor which make him an exceptional partner whom it is good to rub shoulders with both around the table as a player where his left paw wreaks havoc outside the playing area as a supporter.

A well-deserved reward for Dominique who received his trophy to the warm applause of all his teammates.

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