Table tennis. Pro A: a tricky trip to Jura-Morez for GV Hennebont

Pro A. Jura-Morez TT – Hennebont GV, this Friday (7 p.m.)

This journey in the Jura will not be the easiest, for the GVHTT given the discomfort in the thigh of its Swedish international Kristian Karlsson, visibly reduced, and the recent form of its Taiwanese player Chuang Chih-Yuan, who lost his two matches on Wednesday against Mühlhausen.

Adrian Crisan: “We hope to win at Morez and Pontoise on Sunday. »

“Our goal for the season is now the championship. We will think again of Europe with the ETTU-Cup, next year. Against Mühlhausen, we lacked success with, in particular the defeat to the beauty of Chuang Chih-Yuan on the Austrian Habesohn. We will divert to Morez in full, as well as Sunday to Pontoise-Cergy. We hope Karlsson can play. These two matches will be difficult but we will manage to win them, ”says Hennebont coach Adrian Crisan.

Jura-Morez with an expanded workforce

With its three recruits, Lim Jonghoon (South Korea), Sathiyan Gnanasekaran (India) and Lubomir Jancarik (Czech Republic), Jura-Morez has expanded its workforce in the last transfer window and now has five players. The leader, however, remains the finished experience Benedek Ola.

The teams.

Jura Morez: Lim Jonghoon (South Korea, world No. 20); Sathiyan Gnanasekaran (India, world No. 39); Benedek Ola (Finland, world No. 58); Lubomir Jancarik (Czech Republic, world No. 88); Bojan Tokic (Slovenia, world n°121). Coach: Salvador Uribe.

GV Hennebont TT: Chuang Chih-Yuan (Taiwan, world No. 17); Kristian Karlsson (Sweden, world No. 19); Anders Lind (Denmark, world No. 160); Ioannis Sgouropoulos (Greece, world n°202). Coach: Adrian Crisan.

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