Table tennis. RP Fouesnant wants to “try to play the leading roles” in N2M

N2M (1st day). RP Fouesnant – Elancourt CTT, Saturday (5 p.m.)

They will be more or less the same as last season: first hold on as quickly as possible, then try to play the leading roles, knowing that for the climb, it’s going to be complicated. And then the N1 is another level. But if we can finish second, third or fourth…

Have you identified an opponent who seems stronger than the others?

There’s Chartres, who beat us and finished ahead of us last season. The other teams, we don’t really know them yet. After the first day, we will already know a little better how to position ourselves.

Are there any changes to report in your squad?

No, there will be David (Pardé), Dorian (Quentel) and me. The fourth will be Titi Rakotozafy, one of the Malagasy players in team 2, who will be with us all year. And we still have Gildas Andorin and Grégory Laloué who can play a few matches.

The workforce: Clément Le Marc (captain, French n° 213), Dorian Quentel (n° 319), Grégory Laloué (n° 505), Gildas Andorin (n° 522), David Pardé (n° 558), Titi Rakotozafy (n° 1261 )

The composition of hen 8: FOUESNANT, Bordeaux, Chartres (B), Élancourt, Plaisance-du-Touch, Pontault-Combault (B), Périgné, Mont-de-Marsan.

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