Table tennis: the PPCV derails after the break

While the Blues of Deschamps ideally started their World Cup in front of Australia, the Villeneuvois of Admir Duranspahic tripped over the mat at Miramas, losing on the wire (3-2).

This is the third time in a row that the former residents of Pro A get stuck and only score 2 points on the clock. But unlike the last two outings in Lille and in front of Argentan, the PPCV was master of its destiny on Tuesday evening in the Bouches-du-Rhône leading to the break (2-0) and having jointly done the hardest part. The fruit of a very good start to the match after the Pyrrhic success of Jules Cavaillé (3-2) over the Chinese experimentation Zhiwen Cheng who, at the height of his 60 years, is still one of the very best table tennis players on the circuit. by Pro B.

In the process, the Iranian Amin Ahmadian did not make details in front of Junge Zheng, the important thing quite easily in 3 sets. So at half-time, we were rather confident in the Villeneuvois camp even if the president Marc David remained cautious all the same by confiding “let’s stay focused and serious because at the Ping, everything can go very quickly”. And he had just seen the irremovable boss of the PPCV. Because the second part of the evening turned a bit into a nightmare for his foals, leaving the match altogether. It was above all the surprise defeat of Olajide Omotayo against the young Paul Lavergne (1-3) which caused his partners a headache. On paper, the Nigerian was superior to his opponent and should logically have brought the point of victory to the residents of the Lot. Nothing came of it and the mechanics of Lot-et-Garonne began to break down. “The homothety must kill the game. Instead, he loses and we restore Miramas’ confidence”, cursed Marc David a little on his sofa. It’s true that from that moment on, the flies changed course and the Côte d’Azur snatched victory after the two successes of Zhiwen Cheng on Ahmadian (3-1) and Junge Zheng on Cavaillé (3-0). *

At the end of this third defeat in a row, the PPCV is still 7th overall just ahead of Nice, which it will host this Friday evening at the sports complex. Admir Duranpashic’s players must absolutely straighten their heads and return to success if they don’t want to get scared in the race for the Play-Off. For this, they will show a little more character and mentality in the famous “money time” to get the 3 points. A 4th consecutive setback would not be worthy of a group that has just spent several seasons in Pro A…

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