Cursed at golf

Ready to golf for the Eterni-Tee? You are dead ! While you are considered at the top of your sport, considered by your peers as a god, at the last winning draw of a major international tournament, you are struck by lightning and POOF… Welcome to Golf Purgatory! Cursed and dead for eternity? Stuck forever … Read more

Survival Evolved, Pikmin Bloom

An exclusive set of Pokémon coins can be acquired at the pop-up Pokémon Center London pop-up store. As the Pokémon World Championship arrives at ExCel London next week (August 17-24), where attendees can finally find out who is the best trainer (note that this is the first time that this World Championship will also integrate … Read more

Skyward Sword HD, WarioWare and Metroid Dread on the menu

For the 30th Tetris 99 Grand Prix, Nintendo is offering us a great catch-up session, with the return of one theme per day to be collected after only 10 points instead of the usual 100, meeting from Friday 9am. New Byxavier Published on02/08/2022at 3:41 p.m. The 30th Grand Prix Tetris 99 is a great catch-up … Read more