“Take a selfie with Messi while we’re at it”, Hervé Renard’s magical talk to the Saudis

Behind the scenes of the feat. Tuesday, a few minutes after the incredible success of Saudi Arabia against Argentina (2-1), a video had turned everywhere. We saw Hervé Renard, the coach of the “Falcons Verts” in the middle of a chat at half-time of a match. It was already muscular… but it was not the one that led to the first sensation of this 2022 World Cup.

The real images are now public. And the old bus from Sochaux or Lille lives up to its reputation. Impeccable white shirt and Uncle Gérard’s English accent on a Sunday afternoon before the digestive, but that does not prevent the Frenchman from being understood by his players, certainly helped by a translator!

During these rather crazy minutes (from 6’40 on the video) where he paces, runs, gesticulates, Hervé Renard moves his group. “What are we doing here?” That’s pressing, right? The pressing does not mean that you have to play high! “, he launches first, before being even more virulent. “Messi, he has the ball in midfield and you stay in front of the defence! Take your phones and take a selfie with him. »

So much for the provocations. The double winner of the CAN also knows how to flatter and motivate his troops. “With the ball, you were good. Did you see what you did? You don’t do something chosen? You do not show that we are able to come back? You don’t show it? Argentines relax! Come on guys, it’s the World Cup! Give it all! Be focused, come on! »

The sequel is known. Goals from Al-Sherhi (48th) and Al-Dawsari (53rd) just after the break and an absolute triumph for the Saudis. Hervé Renard took part in it.

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