Tarn: the world of rugby in mourning after the accidental death of Éric Demet

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Stung by a wasp in the mouth, the Verdallais succumbed to an allergic and then heart attack, while he was on his way to the hospital. Trained in Labruguière, former rugby player in Puylaurens, Revel and Usam, the accidental death of the referee created a stir in the south-Tarn.

He loved nature, fishing, hunting with his dad Bernard, horses, rugby, refereeing, good meals with friends and family in his “house of happiness” in Verdalle. Éric Demet simply loved life and the finest things it brought him. But she can be terribly unfair and she has just taken it away from her loved ones, Marie-Claude, her mother, Céline, her sister, David, her brother-in-law and Paul, her beloved nephew. Stung by a wasp in the mouth, he succumbed to an allergic and then heart attack, while he was on his way to the hospital. Éric lived alone, without children, he was 45 years old.

Allergic reaction after a wasp sting

“He always wanted to please, Eric was a good living. We had a lot of good times of sharing in his house, ”says Céline, proud of the fights led in recent years by her brother, battered by health concerns. The hardest part: in 2013, Éric Demet suffered a “food shock” and fell into a coma for twelve days. Upon his return, very physically impaired, the Verdallais involved a long rehabilitation. During this period, the former rugby player, trained young being in Labruguière, then passed through Revel, Puylaurens, received the support of his heart club: Usam (Aussillon-Mazamet). “The rugby family has helped him enormously,” confirms Céline, who receives a flood of messages of support for the tragic disappearance of her brother.

“Eric was a friend in rugby. A good comrade on and off the field, ”says Yannick Lagoute, president of Usam. “He got involved, became a leader. He was someone you could count on. Always the first to deal with protests. We will miss him. »
For a few years, Éric had started officiating, in the playoffs. “We will never forget him. Éric remains in our hearts and I wish, on behalf of all the members of the association of Tarn rugby referees, to send all our support and condolences to his family,” adds Alexis Cassan. The funeral will take place tomorrow, at 3 p.m., in the Saint-Jean de Verdalle church.

The Tarn editorial staff of La Dépêche du Midi sends its sincere condolences to the Demet family to Bernard, our local correspondent in Verdalle.

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