Tennis: Alcaraz takes a stand for the future of Rafael Nadal

In 2022, the tennis world lost a legend. When his body no longer followed, Roger Federer had to hang up the racquets. After marking the history of his sport, the Swiss has thus turned the page and now the question is who will be next. Rafael Nadal is slowly but surely approaching retirement. A scenario which, however, does not want to think Carlos Alcaraz.

A few weeks ago now Roger Federer was in tears as he played his final game. And it’s alongside Rafael Nadal, his best enemy, that the Swiss bowed out. Enough to shake up the tennis planet, but soon, other earthquakes could occur. And all eyes are on Nadal. He too is not spared from physical glitches. At 36, the Spaniard feels the weight of the years more and more, although he is still at the top of world tennis. Nevertheless, the end is approaching for Rafael Nadal.

” If I was him… “

Announced as the successor to Rafael Nadal, Carlos Alcaraz, current world number 1, spoke about the future of his compatriot Spaniard. So, reported by WeLoveTennishe explained that if he was in the place of Nadalretirement would currently not be an option: It is a pleasure for any tennis fan to see Rafa on a court. He finished this year as world number two, he won two Grand Slam tournaments… If I were him, I wouldn’t even consider retiring, because you can see that he likes to play and that he still love tennis so much “.

Nadal has no plans to quit

The question now is what to do Rafael Nadal short-term about its future. And lately, the record holder of Grand Slam victories had looked into the subject, in particular: “My intention is to continue to carry the name of Spain around the world as long as I am still active and in competition “. See you now in 2023 to see if Nadal can really continue to evaluate at the highest level…

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