Tennis: Aude passes the bar of 5,000 licensees in 2022

The general assembly of the Aude tennis committee took place at the padel and squash sports complex Le Paradis, in Carcassonne. Good news, the decline in licenses observed for years has been reversed.

Aude tennis took stock of the 2022 sports season, “a season finally complete after two seasons disrupted by the various Covid crises”begins the general secretary of the Aude committee, Carole Barat, in her activity report.

We will remember from this that on August 31, 2022 Aude tennis and its associated disciplines recorded 5,250 licensees, including 2,399 young people and 2,851 adults: “It had been a few years since Aude tennis had not crossed the bar of 5,000 licensees, a year also when our federation also passed the bar of one million licensees”emphasizes Carole Barat. “We have succeeded, you have succeeded in reversing the downward trend that Aude tennis has been experiencing for a few years”for his part congratulated Nicolas Miguel, the president of the Aude tennis committee.

In detail, of these 5,250 licensees, 1,684 are women, “which makes it by far the leading women’s sport” in the Aude.

Sportingly, note the qualification at the national level of the TMC challenge of two Audoises, Patricia Calmels of the ANT but also Lucia Petikovadu of Gruissan, who rose to 4th place nationally. Over the whole season, 110 teams were involved in the interclub championships and spring cups. The departmental individual championship welcomed 100 competitors this year, thus giving 9 titles of Aude champions from 11 to 18 years old. The committee welcomes “the title of regional champion of Kenaël Navarre, of the ANT club, in the 11-year-old category which allowed him to join the Occitanie team to participate in the national challenge for 11-year-olds in Blois”.

In addition, 116 approved tennis tournaments were organized by the clubs during the 2022 sports season, i.e. 47 adult tournaments and 69 youth tournaments: “It is clear that we unfortunately still have some problems in harmonizing the dates between certain clubs which evolve in the same sphere of influence”explained Carole Barat.

Padel, this rising sport

“Our Federation has become since September 1, a multi-racket federation thus formalizing the diversification of sports disciplines in clubs, namely the coexistence of tennis, padel and beach tennis, all represented in our department of Aude, without forget of course the paratennis and the tennis court, also belonging to the FFT”confirms Nicolas Miguel.

It is clear, padel is on the rise at the moment and Aude is doing well since it is, to date, “the third department of the League”. Aude also has 26 padel courts, 12 of which are covered. “The development of padel continues in our department, it still needs to be structured more for a harmonious and coherent development. I sincerely thank the actors of the creation of the first padel interclubs in Aude, even if a permanent adaptability is necessary, to meet the expectations of practitioners and above all not to come and compete with tennis”Nicolas Miguel continues.

In Aude, the little yellow ball was therefore able to bounce back after the Covid crisis.

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