Tennis. Back to campus…

Back, this weekend, on the campus courts, with a new TMC, offered to graduates classified from 15/1 to 3/6. The women’s table, it is to repeat itself by qualifying it as reduced, still has two headliners, 3/6, Lorilliard and Marchio, who must compete for victory. To follow the performance of an 11-year-old girl, Bigorre (15/1, Poissy).

The masculine is, unsurprisingly, consistent with two 5/6s, Vicat and Barazza, and four 15s including the local Porro and the Postier Thénoz. The table of sixteen players is completed by the registration of ten 15/1. Note in the waiting list of ten players, the stand-by of Courtois (4/6, TCD) and several 2e series. In this format of tournament where the unit of time prevails, between the youngest, Barazza (18 years old) and, say, the most experienced, Cultru (54 years old), the average of the sixteen players of the main draw is slightly over 28 years old.

FAVORITES ➤ Ladies. – 3/6: Lorilliard (ASPTT), Marchio (Montrouge). 5/6: Ganassa (Seloncourt). ➤ Gentlemen. – 5/6: Barazza (St-Rémy), Vicat (Vienna). 15: Porro (Duke), Thénoz (ASPTT), Crognier (Azur), Trupiano (Vienna).

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