Tennis: Djokovic, Nadal… Federer recounts this incredible creation


Djokovic, Nadal… Federer recounts this incredible creation

Posted on September 22, 2022 at 6:35 p.m. by Dan Marciano

A few hours before his retirement, Roger Federer reviewed his career. The Swiss mentioned his results, his records, but also the creation of SABR, this hyper-aggressive return, which had given ideas to other players like Nick Kyrgios. But the former world number one assures him, this blow is not linked to Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.

A monument will leave the world of tennis. At 41, Roger Federer preferred to say stop, after suffering a terrible knee injury. “ At the beginning of the summer, I tried to take a step forward in training. And I knew that a setback could be fatal at this stage. At Wimbledon, when I was invited (during the Sunday of the first week, editor’s note), I still really thought I could come back next year. But we had to take precautions and sometimes almost too much not to rush anything. I started to get tired of having to believe that things were going to turn out in the right direction, of being a little bit pessimistic. named the Swiss. This Thursday, Roger Federer made the ONE of The Team. During this interview, the Swiss broached several subjects, in particular the creation of the SABR. A shot used for the first time in 2015 and which is characterized by a very aggressive return. Federer announces that this move was not created because of Novak Djokovic we Rafael Nadal.

Federer recounts the origin of the SABR

Why I imagined the SABR, already? For me it had nothing to do with the other two (Nadal and Djokovic), in any case. In fact, I did it like that while laughing with Benoît Paire, once in Cincinnati (in 2015), during a first training session with jetlag (he takes a long breath). Ah yes because ”Seve” (Severin Lüthi, his trainer) wanted me to go back more into the field, that’s it! And suddenly I say to him: “You mean like that” (He mimics an ultra-early ball shot). And it all started from there » a confied Federer.

“It was with Benoît that it took shape”

The Swiss therefore specifies that this move was created with the help of Benoit Pair, whimsical player. ” There had already been an attempt in Switzerland during training, if I remember correctly, but it was with Benoît that it took shape. I was doing such crazy, winner, tac, ping-pong stuff, you couldn’t believe it, we were all laughing together, you’d have to ask Benoît one day. It was a completely relaxed workout. You arrive around 3 p.m., your match is at 8 p.m., after dark, we were alone on center court, it was magnificent...” he concluded.

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