tennis for all neighborhood children with Fête le mur

The Dordogne Tennis Committee, the Tennis Club Boulazac (TCB), the Cocc Tennis and the City of Coulounieix-Chamiers are also partners in the fight against exclusion. The objectives were explained during a meeting, Monday, September 19, in Chamiers, with Alexandre Brégeon, secretary general of the Tennis Committee, Jacques Bonnet, president of the TCB, Florence Foussat, president of the Cocc Tennis, Thierry Cipierre, the mayor, and his assistant Arlette Esclaffer in charge of associations and sport.

The launch of the activities is scheduled for this Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., with a tennis and progressive initiation (balls and rackets are adapted), the license is taken care of. Then, this logistics will be put in place every Saturday; the lessons will be provided by Loan, a qualified trainer (1).


This operation, of which a sum of 1,500 euros was offered by Fête le mur, is organized in the Jacqueline-Auriol district in full mutation, within the framework of the urban renewal project, near the secondary school and the Le- Roy, also welcoming the children of the Pagot residence.

The speakers presented the operation which begins this Saturday at 10 am.

Claude Roumagous

Stakeholders have spoken. Florence Foussat is “very happy to embark on this adventure and to be able to provide this training”. For Jacques Bonnet, “it has been our social fiber since 1994 and, given our results, we are delighted to see Coulounieix-Chamiers follow our path”. Alexandre Brégeon, for his part, indicated: “We have a role of facilitator, and making tennis for all is an important but. And we are happy to see the Cocc join us. »

Finally, the first magistrate Thierry Cipierre underlined: “Tennis brings back good memories to me. Respect, tolerance, discipline, will and self-esteem are not empty words, so I believe in it! »

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