Tennis. Guinard, Furness and Rinderknech: friends but adversaries

Interclub Pro A

If France had qualified for the quarter-finals of the Davis Cup, there would probably not have been Arthur Rinderknech in the colors of TC Boulogne-Billancourt to face TC Quimperlé of Manuel Guinard and Evan Fury.

But on Saturday, the French N.1 at ATP (N.44) was present to play a “special” match against two players he knows well: Manuel Guinard (N.148 ATP and current French N.15) and Evan Furness (N.209 ATP and N.22 French).

Third confrontation Guinard – Rinderknech

“The players, we meet all the time on the circuit, but it’s true that the three of us know each other particularly well because we often train together and because we are based in the same city. But it was especially for Manu that it was weird, because he shares the same trainer (Sébastien Villette) and trains daily with Arthur. »

For their third confrontation after Guinard’s victory in the first round of the Brest challenger in 2021 and that of Rinderkneck during the interclubs in Germany this summer, it was the Varois who dominated the Malouin (6-3, 7-6).

Manuel Guinard (TC Quimperlé) congratulates his friend Arthur Rinderknech (TC Boulogne-Billancourt) after losing 6-3, 7-6 in the first singles of the Pro A match between their respective teams. (The Telegram/Laurent Jannes)

“Manu had a good game, but Arthur is also playing very well at the moment. He is at his best ranking. It’s always weird going up against someone you know very well.

You can’t misplace your ego, but the two know each other so well that they manage it well, ”observes Evan Furness.

“It’s always special to compete”

“It’s special to play against someone we know so well. It’s even tricky, but it’s a change from the other games of the season against opponents from all over the world and there’s never any animosity between Manu and me, ”says Arthur Rinderknech.

“It’s the third time we’ve played each other. We’re starting to get used to it, ”smiles Manuel Guinard, who still enjoys team matches, regardless of the opponent.

“We tried to bring Arthur to TC Quimperlé and I could have gone to play for Boulogne. But for now, we stay like this. »

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