Tennis is good for Vinzenz Rohrer

The National Bank Open festivities are now underway as the draw was made on Friday afternoon. Quebec is now in tennis mode. Canadiens prospect Vinzenz Rohrer is a tennis player himself, having used the sport to improve his hockey skills.

It’s not a secret, many people often say it; practicing several sports performance aids. The Canadiens’ third-round pick played hockey and tennis as a kid. He was very good at tennis. He even became Austrian national junior tennis champion when he was younger.

For Rohrer, tennis has helped him refine many aspects of his game, especially deviations.

“Tennis has paid a lot to the coordination of my hands and feet. I spent all my time in net on the power play in Ottawa because I explained to the guys that if they threw the puck normally, with a normal wrist shot, I was going to deflect it 9 times out of 10. I really put the emphasis on that with our defender placed in the top of the territory, Jack Matier. – Vinzenz Rohrer in an interview at the NHL Draft

He’s still right, because this season, 7 of his 25 goals have been scored on the power play with the Ottawa 67’s. In fact, he’s so confident in his deflection abilities that he’s developed a new style of play and hardly moves on the power play.

“The guys on the flanks are mostly one-timers or they come forward and shoot, which is hard to deflect. I’m more of a screen person. That’s why I always said to the defender at the point: “If you have a corridor, shoot. Don’t even wonder if there’s an opening or if you should shoot high or low; shoot towards the net and I’ll deflect it. “That was not bad, the strategy.” – Vinzenz Rohrer in an interview at the NHL Draft

If he can continue this introduction into the NHL, Rohrer could quickly become a weapon of choice for the CH and especially a crowd favorite. In Montreal, fans like guys who get in the net and who don’t shy away from it. Just think of Brendan Gallagher and Corey Perry during the 2021 playoffs.

In fact, his involvement in the power play can clearly help, because the Canadian’s power play doesn’t work very well. On the other hand, if the Canadian can count on a sniper in Cole Caufield on the side and on a Vinzenz Rohrer who deflects shots in front of the net, things can improve for Montreal.

Tennis not only helped Rohrer skillfully, but also mentally. He explains that in tennis, if you have a bad match, everyone sees it. In hockey, it’s easier to hide behind the team. It was therefore by practicing an individual sport that he became mentally stronger and better at taking bad shots.

Rohrer has always enjoyed tennis, but decided to focus on his hockey career because he prefers the sport’s team play. Luckily for Montreal, it looks like he won’t be choosing racquets over sticks in the next few years.

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