Tennis. Les Bleus U12 in good company

This is the third time that the final phase of the European Nations Cup, boys U12, takes place on the clay courts of Lac Kir in Dijon. At the end of July, the little Blues dominated the qualifying phase here. The trio, Dodin, Giurescu and Thao-Keuang, had been hard-hitting without having been really put to the test.

Without Russia excluded and Croatia not qualified, winners three times since 2007, the final phase is a source of promise with nations at the “schools” referenced.

“All for one, one for all…”

From this Thursday, we will be able to gauge, at the moment T, the true value of Captain Stroppiana’s team. In qualifying, Thao-Keuang associated in doubles with Giurescu, had perfectly played his role of pillar, powerful, with a larger head. If he again recites tennis with the same content, he can contribute to a good result with his friends. France was a finalist last year, will it do better on Sunday? The competition with multiple questions begins Thursday, at 9 a.m. For the eight nations, the same objective…

➤ The French team. – Quentin Dodin (5/6, AST Chanceaux 37), right-handed; Évan Giurescu (5/6, TC Lyon), right-handed; Rafaël Thao-Keuang (15 years old, Bailly ASRVE 77), right-handed; Xavier Stroppiana, captain.

➤ Qualifying nations. – Zone A, in Rakovnik (Czech Republic), Slovakia and Rep. Czech ; Zone B, in Dijon, France and Finland; Zone C, in Fuerth (Ger.), Italy and Germany; Zone D, in Focsani (Rou.), Spain and Romania.

➤ The format of the final phase. – Two pools of four teams, final between the two ranked first. Two singles and one double per game.

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