Tennis Open in Saint-Quay: the tournament poster is a hit thanks to Maëlle and Maureen – Saint-Quay-Portrieux

The Tennis Open is in full swing, and this is the opportunity to take a look at the 2022 poster of the Summer Tournament, produced by Gil Tirlet, visible everywhere in town and appreciated on social networks. A wink honoring the centenary of this venerable tournament: two players from the Belle Epoque, from behind, around the swimming pool… But who is hiding behind the two silhouettes?

The Mascart family, emblematic of the club

A quick survey led us straight to Maëlle and Maureen Mascart: in costume, they were the ones who posed for Gil Tirlet’s lens. The Mascart family is a must at the tennis club: Gwen, the mother, officiates there as referee for the international tournament. Eric, the father, also an umpire, holds the purse strings of the club; he has been its treasurer since 2020, at a somewhat delicate period for the club, with the departures of Charles Guillemot, president, and Yannick Meloux, historical umpire, called to other functions.

Binicaise for a few years, the family has spent a lot of energy on tennis in general, at the Quinocean club in particular. Éric even performed for the tennis club of Pouliguen for seven years… The three girls, Maëlle, Morgane and Maureen practiced the little yellow ball at a good level, before letting go of the business due to studies and successive moves. .

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