tennis players are (finally) no longer forced to wear white

Called for by players for several years, this relaxation of the rules puts an end to one of the most famous traditions of the English tennis tournament.

This is a topic that has caused a lot of ink to flow. Since 1963, the dress code for the Wimbledon tennis tournament has stipulated that players will be dressed entirely in white. A tradition to which the All England Club was particularly attached, but pointed out by some professionals. In case of manifestation of their menstrual cycle during the competition, the players thus endured an anxiety linked to the fear of clothing discomfort. In recent years, tenniswomen like Serena Williams, Alicia Barnett, Yuriko Miyazaki and Zheng Qinwen have spoken about the additional pressure caused by this dress requirement. Critics that have finally been heard.

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A relaxation of the rules for tenniswomen

This Thursday, November 17, the All England Club announced that Wimbledon will finally change this dress rule and allow players to wear dark colored shorts during matches. Only women are affected by this relaxation. “We believe these adjustments force players to focus solely on their performance by removing a potential source of anxiety,” London Grand Slam Tournament Director Sally Bolton said in a statement.

The word is released about the impact of menstruation on the game of athletes…

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