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Porspoder CNGT Tournaments

A dense and homogeneous table for associated and undecided matches. This is how we could summarize the first part of the Porspoder Tournament which will lead tomorrow evening to the final table from the round of 16. “We had a lot of participants in the 3rd and 4th series, which is rare. And if we sometimes have disjointed tables, there is a clear and interesting progression, there was not too much speed in level, ”confides the organization of the tournament. And despite the two other Breton CNGT tournaments in Pléneuf-Val-André and Saint-Quay-Portrieux set for the same dates, the Porspoder tournament constituted a record number of participants for its 15th edition. Nearly 180 players registered, including some in several of the eleven categories, since there were also doubles and mixed doubles draws as well as age categories. The eighth and quarter-finals will be picked up on Friday and the semi-finals and the final will take place on Saturday. The organizers wanted to highlight the women’s draw by positioning the final (5:30 p.m.) after the men’s (4 p.m.). A decision which is also due to the fact that the women’s field is higher and will have marked this tournament.

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