Tennis: Roger Federer lets loose on Carlos Alcaraz


Tennis: Roger Federer lets loose on Carlos Alcaraz

Posted on September 22, 2022 at 2:35 p.m. by Dan Marciano

In the next few hours, Roger Federer will draw a line under his career. The Swiss will have faced many opponents, but not Carlos Alcaraz. Recent winner of the US Open and youngest world number one in history, the Spaniard will have shared only a few training sessions with the Swiss. The latter spoke about the last sensation of the circuit.

Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Murray... Throughout his career, Roger Federer has shared the pitch with many players. But the Swiss, who will retire in the next few hours after a final double at the Cup of the tankwill not have the opportunity to share the court with Carlos Alcaraz. Recent winner of theU.S. Open and youngest world number one, the Spaniard is presented as the worthy successor of Federer and of Rafael Nadal. In a long interview with The Team, the Maestro spoke about the qualities of Carlos Alcaraz.

“It’s disappointing to never have been able to play against him”

Roger Federerregrets not having played a match with Alcaraz, who proved himself at the highest level last season, at a time when Federer was away from the field. “If it’s a regret never to have faced Alcaraz? Of course, it’s disappointing that I never got to play against him. I obviously followed what he did at the US Open and throughout the year. He was fantastic, his game is brilliant and I always said there would always be new superstars in tennis. There is one » said the Swiss.

Alcaraz, new tennis star for Federer

To pay Roger Federer, Carlos Alcaraz is the leader of a new generation of gamers. ” Sometimes people tend not to believe it, like when Pete and Andre left. They were like, ‘What are we going to have now? Well, it was Novak, Rafa, myself, Murray, Stan…'” named the Swiss, who took the opportunity to tell an anecdote about Juan Carlos Ferrerothe coach ofAlcaraz.

Federer’s anecdote about the Alcaraz coach

I have a funny anecdote with Carlos, because I trained with him at Wimbledon when he was still a junior. I thought he was already playing well. It was kind of a warm-up. And Ferrero was there. The next day, during my day off, we did it again as often when you train with someone. But I said, “I’d hit Juan Carlos instead,” just because I’m super laid back in training and wanted to play with Ferrero for fun. It was awesome. He hadn’t missed a single bullet. He could be on the circuit ” a coward Federer.

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