Tennis: Roger Federer’s three most breathtaking defeats


Roger Federer’s three most breathtaking defeats

Posted on September 23, 2022 at 12:35 p.m. by Thomas Bourseau

Winner of 20 Grand Slam titles throughout his 23-year career, Roger Federer could have won more big tournaments. Defeated several times in the final after breathtaking matches, the Swiss put on a great show, even in defeat.

On September 15, Roger Federer announced his retirement at the age of 41. Despite knee surgery, the Swiss did not feel the right sensations during his convalescence to continue his fine career which will end this Friday in the doubles match with Raphael Nadal as part of the Laver Cup.

Two points from the triple Roland-Garros, Wimbledon and US Open in 2009

The opportunity to look back on the three most significant defeats of Roger Federer’s career. Starting with the disappointment at Flushing Meadows in September 2009. After winning a Roland-Garros and a Wimbledon, Switzerland once again held first place in the ATP rankings. Having made it to the stage of the US Open final against John Martin Delete Potrothen his seventh consecutive US Grand Slam final as Eurosport pointed out in recent hours. Having taken the best of Delete Potro during the first half of the final with a first set won and a second dominated, Federer comes up against the Argentinian’s determination and his cannon shots which allow Delete Potro to then save that the Swiss was two points from victory in the fourth set and largely dominate Federer in the fifth and final set (3-6, 7-6(5), 4-6, 7-6(4), 6-2).

Djokovic’s incredible comeback at Wimbledon in 2019

Unfortunately, history repeated itself for roger Federer in the face of the indefatigable Novak Djokovic. At the stage of its defeats in 2010 and 2011 at the US Open, Switzerland had match points against the Serb before seeing him reverse the trend and win the game. Having managed to get rid of the trap Raphael Nadal in the semi-finals of the 2019 edition of Wimbledon, roger Federer seems to be back at his best and ready to win a 9th Grand Slam in London. Federer one even had two match points in a meeting which he had largely dominated with no less than 94 winning strokes as Eurosport underlined it in recent hours against only 54 for “Djoko”. An explosive final which even offered a breathtaking spectacle to the spectators on the center court, including an exchange of 35 strokes won by Federer. Corn Novak Djokovic will end up taking the best career on the Swiss in his garden, being the Grand Slam he has won the most (8 times) in his.

The Battle of the Titans at Wimbledon won by Nadal in 2008

During the first 10 years of roger Federer on the ATP circuit, the Swiss won Wimbledon five times. And in 2008, he was tenant of the title of the London Grand Slam and had opposed in the final to his great rival already at the time who is Raphael Nadal. In his garden, roger Federer outwits and sees the Mallorcan, who normally excelled on clay, take the first two sets. Thanks to the interruption of the rain, Federer then managed to snatch the next two in the tie-break before the fifth set decided to be played for the umpteenth time… in the tie-break. Due to the quality and length of the exchanges, this meeting has often been described as the match of the century as Eurosport underlined it, but the decisive winning blows in this fifth set finally turned in favor of Raphael Nadal who then dethroned Federer in his London garden.

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