Tennis: The last ball Friday for Roger Federer


TennisLast ball Friday for Roger Federer

The Basel will play his last match on Friday, in doubles, during “his” Laver Cup in London. And too bad for those who overpaid for tickets on the black market.

Roger Federer is living his last days as a professional tennis player.


Prices have soared, on auction or ticket resale sites: 300, 500, 15,000, 90,000 francs! The smart guys also added the flight from Switzerland and a low-end hotel for the road… Well done, but it could make some people unhappy. Saturday, in front of a cluster of Swiss journalists, the “Master” assured that he will only play a double, probably Friday. At 41, and after several operations, his knee may no longer let him do it.

Monday and Tuesday, the Basel “hit” with Tsitsipas in training and that reassured him about his level. But not enough to do more than a match. “I’m surprised how well I hit the ball! But I won’t be able to play singles. That was already quite clear in advance. That’s also why it’s been a while since it was certain that I couldn’t play in Basel. With the Laver Cup system, I think I will only come into play on Friday evening.

Like those who thought they were getting a good deal on the internet this weekend, fans who have purchased tickets for the Swiss Indoors will no doubt be disappointed. They will have to “settle” for Noh 1 world Carlos Alcaraz, in particular. Purists will appreciate, at least.

Federer can’t do more, and he’s known that for a while. “At Wimbledon this spring, when I went to speak on the court, I told myself that I was going to see again for the next edition. And I meant it! But a few weeks passed and I felt the knee just wasn’t making any progress, he confessed in London on Tuesday. That’s when I thought we had come to a crossroads again.” Before giving details concerning the new decisions to stop: “I still had a scanner to do and it was “blah”. I said, “That’s it.”

If he says he retained “a tear or two”, the champion with 20 Grand Slam titles says he felt “relieved” and “happy to have taken the plunge”.

As for his future, “RF” hinted that he was going to stay close to the world of tennis: “I don’t know exactly what my future will be like, but I don’t want to completely walk away from a sport that ‘a given whole’.

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