Tennis: The new Nadal has finally arrived


Tennis: The new Nadal has finally arrived

Posted on September 23, 2022 at 12:20 p.m. by The editorial staff

The ATP Tour has finally found a successor to Rafael Nadal. At only 19, his counterpart Carlos Alcaraz burst onto the screen this year. Already winner of his first Grand Slam at the US Open, everything suggests that he is following in the footsteps of his illustrious predecessor. Back to the hatching of the Murcien.

Carlos Alcaraz has confirmed the expected presented in him this year. After reaching the quarter-finals of theU.S. Open last season, the Spaniard won it this year and moved up to number one in the standings ATP, all at just 19 years old. Early passing times that are not recalled by those of Rafael Nadal. The comparison is made between the two men: Spanish nationality gives them peace of mind, Alcaraz is seen as the new Nadal.

The Alcaraz Phenomenon

This season was marked by the seizure of power by a man: Carlos Alcaraz. The Spaniard has continued to grow in power to finally achieve consecration to theU.S. Openthus becoming the youngest player to win a tournament in the Grand Slam for some time Rafael Nadal. Besides, Alcaraz hit hard by eliminating the Bull of Manacor at home, on his favorite surface at Madrid Masters 1000 a few months earlier. The Murcian had gone to the end and had won there, the second major of his career after his coronation two weeks earlier in Miami. Currently, the crack of world tennis is number one in the world, a new record that erases the previous one held by Lleyton Hewitt. Mind-blowing.

Alcaraz-Nadal, a comparison that is not unanimous

The comparison with Rafael Nadal not suitable for everyone. Indeed, according to Mats Wilander, Carlos Alcaraz is already ahead of his compatriot and believes that his style of play is completely different. “I think Alcaraz has more variations. That’s what’s most amazing about him. There is variety in the way it uses its power, and there is also finesse, in the way it uses damping in particular. He seems to me more advanced than Rafa was at 19 in this area. Even if, on the backhand side, he still sometimes lacks a bit of variation, particularly on the slice, I think he uses more shots than Rafa at the same age and perhaps even than any other 19-year-old player, except maybe Federer, who is another kind of animal again he observed.

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